‘Romney Deserved To Lose’: Bill O’Reilly Slams Mitt For Failure

Just when Americans were wondering if the political discourse could get any angrier, Fox News’ top rated talk show host and best selling author, Bill O’Reilly, took the rhetoric to an level undreamed of in the annals of American politics. After months of hearing passionate conservatives declare that Mitt Romney was the nation’s salvation, O’Reilly let loose with both barrels and savaged the Republican candidate for his failed campaign; declaring with epic finality that ‘Romney Deserved To Lose.’

O’Reilly appeared yesterday for an in-depth interview about the campaign on Newsmax TV. Bill is not the kind of person one wants to laugh off; he is the host of a nightly talk show, The O’Reilly Factor, the highest rated cable news program in America. People from all walks of life take his opinions seriously and no politician wants to be on the receiving end of one of Mr. O’Reilly’s legendary attacks.

Romney was flayed alive in a relentless assault during the revealing interview. O’Reilly took Mitt to task for everything from his dismal performance during the last week of the campaign to his constantly shooting himself in the foot with off the cuff remarks that came back to haunt him.

Bill admits he is no fan of the failed Republican candidate. He criticized Romney repeatedly during the campaign for refusing to appear on his program and claimed that Romney dodged The O’Reilly Factor because he was afraid of tough questions from the always acerbic host.

After demolishing Romney, Bill sunk his fangs into another juicy topic and told Newsmax that he does not believe Obama will nominate Susan Rice to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. O’Reilly expects Senator John Kerry to get the nod for the important Cabinet post. He then praised General Petraeus for having the courage to do the right thing and resign as Director of the CIA.

We present a selection of O’Reilly’s comments for your amusement and edification.

“I was very disappointed in the governor, very disappointed.”

“He ran and he hid for the last two weeks of the campaign. He actually hid. He wouldn’t come on [our show]. He wouldn’t come on other high-profile programs on television and tell people what he believed. He wouldn’t do it. He deserved to lose.”

“He made a mistake. Hurricane Sandy blows him off the front page for five days — and what’s his answer? He hides.”

“He got three million less votes than John McCain. Are you kidding me? With all of the money they spent, and McCain had to run into a recession, and Romney gets three million less votes? Come on.”

“It’s almost self-inflicted wounds, and that’s why people are so disappointed, because their expectations for Mitt Romney were so high. If the election were held before Hurricane Sandy, Romney would have won.

“You’ve got to take the fight to the other side. You can’t be hiding. I was just flabbergasted at what Governor Romney did the last week in the campaign. I was stunned. And I wasn’t rooting for Romney. And that’s one of the reasons he didn’t come on the program, because he knew I was going to ask him tough questions.”

“But the fact is that he didn’t take advantage of visibility, when he had none, in the last week of the campaign.”

Addressing the possibility of Susan Rice being nominated to replace Clinton, Bill was blunt.

“No way. It’s not happening. You can’t embarrass yourself the way that she did and be Secretary of State. It’s not going to happen. John Kerry will be the new Secretary of State.”

While discussing the philandering CIA Director, O’Reilly accused Attorney General Holder of a cover-up.

“You can’t be running your secret life and be in charge of protecting the country. It just doesn’t work. You can’t have the CIA chief running a secret operation in his own personal life.”

“Do I believe that? Yeah. Can I prove it? Not yet. The FBI obviously in the summer knew. They have to report to Holder. They knew. They probably said: ‘Hey, you know, slow it down a little bit. Let’s get this election done and then we’ll go in.’ That seems logical. Can I prove it? Again, can’t prove it. But do I believe it? Yes, I believe it.”

We have included a video of the interview for your viewing pleasure. We hope you will enjoy it more than Mr. Romney.

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