Donald Trump Has Just Weeks Left in His Presidency?

A noted historian is forecasting Donald Trump’s presidency has just weeks remaining, and the newly elected Republican commander-in-chief will go down in history as having the second shortest White House stay ever.

Florida Atlantic University history professor Ronald L. Feinman, who recently authored a book about the troubled fates of U.S. leaders, predicts Trump’s Oval Office reign will only last somewhere between the 31 days of William Henry Harrison and the 199 days of James A. Garfield, both of whom died soon after taking over the White House in the 1800s.

Feinman added he sees former reality TV star Trump, who had never held elected office before becoming president, either being impeached or forced to resign, ushering in a Mike Pence presidency.

Feinman’s prediction comes amid a tumultuous first month in office for Trump, including the forced resignation of his National Security Adviser over untruths he allegedly told about his dealings with a Russian diplomat and the dissolution of a travel ban he instituted through executive action by a federal judge.

News of Flynn’s Russian connection also reignited speculation Russian President Vladimir Putin may have somehow played a role in Trump’s upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

U.S. President Donald Trump addresses a crowd during the debut event for the Dreamliner 787-10 at Boeing’s South Carolina facilities in North Charleston. [Image by Sean Rayford/Getty Images]

“Many foreign policy professionals are shaking their head at Trump’s inappropriate behavior and language every time he speaks in public, or issues a Twitter comment, and his instability and recklessness,” said Feinman, calling further attention to recent criticism over Trump’s reported decision to hold a security meeting over the North Korean missile test in a public space and in earshot of others.

No U.S. president has ever been successfully impeached, with Bill Clinton being acquitted in the wake of such an attempt during his two terms in office.

Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached following revelations of his involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Trump’s ban prohibited travelers from seven mostly Muslim nations from entering the U.S. The president praised the enactment as step toward protecting Americans from possible acts of terrorism.

Many across the country immediately took to the streets in opposition to the ban and in rendering his ruling, federal judge James Robart, an appointee of Republican President George W. Bush, blasted it as unconstitutional.

The ruling was later upheld by an appeals court, but more recently the Trump administration has hinted at plans to seek to have the case heard by the Supreme Court.

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned,” Trump recently tweeted.

More recently, the administration has come under fire over the increased actions of its “deportation force.”

Over the last several weeks, fear and anxieties have swelled in many immigrant communities as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency began detaining hundreds of people in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and other cities.

Vice President Mike Pence delivers a speech at the 2017 Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2017, in Munich, Germany. [Image by Johannes Simon/Getty Images]

“These raids have struck fear in the hearts of the immigrant community as many fear that President Trump’s promised ‘deportation force’ is now in full-swing,” members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus wrote in a letter demanding an immediate meeting with head of ICE Thomas D. Homan.

Trump ran on a campaign promise to deport as many as 3 million undocumented immigrants from the moment he took office and a vow to build a wall along the Mexican border to further keep immigrants out.

Five days after being sworn-in, he issued an executive order titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” which, among other things, called for an end in federal funding for so-called “sanctuary cities.”

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