‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Episode 205: ‘I Am Anne Frank, Part 2’ Recap

Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Asylum, “I Am Anne Frank, Part 2” picked up where last week left off with the shocking conclusion to the Anne Frank mini-story. Caution: Spoilers.

Last week Sister Jude began to suspect Doctor Arden of being a Nazi war criminal after a new patient, claiming to be Anne Frank, tipped her off that the doctor is not who he appears to be.

When investigators arrived with information from a witness who saw Nazi memorabilia in Doctor Arden’s room, Sister Jude began to suspect Anne’s claims may be true.

When she approached the Monsignor with her suspicions she was brushed off, so she now turns to a Nazi Hunter for help. But will Anne ruin it all by trying to take matters into her own hands?

More importantly, is she really who she says she is? When a visitor who claims to be from Anne’s past shows up at Briarcliff, Sister Jude may find out she has trusted the wrong person.

“Anne” found Arden’s basement laboratory last week and she made the shocking discovery of Shelly’s mangled body. But when investigators arrive and search the lab they come up with nothing. Did someone help Doctor Arden dispose of the body?

But there’s more than just the search for the real identities of Anne Frank and Doctor Arden for Sister Jude to contend with. After Kit and Grace were caught having sex in the bakery last week, can Doctor Thredson convince Jude not to have them both sterilized? And can he successfully help Lana escape Briarcliff?

There were a ton of huge reveals in tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Asylum, “I Am Anne Frank, Part 2.” What did you think of finally learning if Kit’s alien abduction story is true? What about the emergence of the real Bloody Face? Were you shocked by who it turned out to be?