Melania Trump’s Big Sister Lays Low On Facebook — So Who Is Ines Knauss?

Melania Trump’s sister is her best friend, her New York City neighbor, and someone who has shared many of Melania’s milestones in life, but why isn’t she plastered all over the media? That’s because Ines Knauss keeps an extremely low profile. She’s been good at it so far, or else the media would be bombarding her like they bombard the rest of the Trump family. So who is Ines Knauss? She is someone who posts “M” for Melania on Facebook and doesn’t mention online that she is the sister of the nation’s new first lady.

For starters she is Melania’s older sister and the only sibling she grew up with, according to The Heavy. Melania and Ines are the daughters of Amalija and Viktor Knavs. Their father had a son from a previous relationship, who is Melania and Ines’ half-brother. According to The Heavy, while Melania is close to her sister Ines, she has never met their half-brother, Denis. Below is a picture of Ines that she has posted to her Facebook page.

During an interview with GQ a while back, Melania said she had known about her brother, but never got to meet him. She told the reporter, “I’ve known about this for years. My father is a private individual. Please respect his privacy.” It appears that as much as her family protects Melania, she reciprocates by doing the same.

Ines, 49, and Melania, 46, are very close and are described as being best friends by the people close to the sisters. Their childhood began in Slovenia and their love of fashion eventually brought the two sisters to careers in the fashion industry. They did this together. Many people know that Melania started her modeling career in Milan, but they might not know that Ines was there in Milan with her, making her own way in fashion.

The family of four lived in the town of Sevnica where the sisters’ parents built a villa in the hills. When they got older, Melania and Ines went to design school in the city of Ljubljana, which was about 60 miles away from Sevnica, cites The Guardian.

While the sisters attended school, their father rented an apartment in a luxury skyscraper, which was a posh address in the city of Ljubljana. The apartment gave their father a place to stay while working during the week in the city as a car salesman. According to GQ, it also gave Melania and Ines a home in the city near their design school.

Melania and Ines’ parents still own that home they built in Slovenia, but they spend most of their time in New York City near their daughters. They help Melania look after Barron and Donald too, when he is back home in Manhattan.

As young women, both Melania and Ines stood out for their beauty and their ability to stay on top of the fashion of the day. The sisters moved to Milan, Italy, in the early 1990s to pursue careers. As everyone knows, Melania became a popular fashion model, and while Ines also did some modeling, she opted for a career in the fashion industry.

Both women were no longer going by the last name Knavs by this time. They changed it to Knauss. Ines posted a picture of Melania during this time, which is seen below. The photo taken in 1992 when the sisters were in Milan, so cites Ines on her Facebook page.

Jump ahead to today and Ines lives in a $2 million apartment, just two blocks from her sister, Melania. The luxury apartment building, which is in the posh part of New York City, belongs to one of Donald Trump’s organizations.

The sisters were always close; Ines was Melania’s maid of honor when she married Donald Trump. Despite having the president of the United States as her brother-in-law, Ines has never taken advantage of that situation publicly for personal gains. She has stayed out of the limelight when she was the real estate mogul’s sister-in-law and she continued to do so as Melania became the first lady of the nation.

It is apparent that Ines remains very close with her sister, as you can see by the posted picture below from her Facebook page. It looks as if she attended Barron’s 10th birthday party last year, snapping a picture of his party table. The picture was taken last March, which is also a reminder that Barron will be turning 11 soon.

Ines was there at the inauguration of her brother-in-law, as were Melania’s parents, but trying to find a picture of Ines or her parents at the event online is almost impossible. If you watch the full video of the inauguration taken by ABC News, you will see Ines and her parents standing behind Melania. The family does not seek the spotlight, so staying out of the headlines during the inauguration was most likely right up their alley.

According to the New York Post, Ines is very protective of her little sister, Melania. During the election, The Heavy cites how Ines defended Melania on social media during the election when ex-boyfriends in Slovenia had spread rumors about Melania.

Fashion designer Luisa Beccaria told the New York Post that he got to see first-hand just how much support Melania’s family offers her. Right after Barron was born, Beccaria said “I realized that Melania was very close to her family when I saw them all there supporting her after Barron’s birth.” He continued with, “Melania had all the professional help she needed at that point, but it was her sister she trusted.”

Below is another picture that Ines has posted on her Facebook page. While it doesn’t say what it is you are looking at, it does say, “Excellent.” A couple of Ines’ photos were very intriguing. She has quite the eye for photography.

Here is another photo from Melania’s sister’s Facebook page, which draws you in. She calls this one “Perfect Fit.”

The only place online where Ines makes her presence known is on her Facebook page, which looks more like a dedication to her little sister, Melania. She has pictures of her baby sister from the time she was a toddler all the way to the inauguration, where her sister became the first lady of the nation. She refers to Melania as “M,” on her Facebook page, which may be a way for Ines not to draw attention to who she really is, the sister of Melania Trump. Ines does have a Twitter page, but that is private and unless you are given access to it by Ines, it is just basically a blank page.

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