Cenk Uygur On Connecticut Senate Race: How ‘To Send A Huge Signal To Trump’

Yesterday, Cenk Uygur, host and co-founder of The Young Turks, hosted a live stream on YouTube where he called on Democrats, and those frustrated by Donald Trump around the country, to rally behind Greg Cava for Connecticut Senate in the state’s upcoming special election on Tuesday, February 28. A win by the Democrat would flip the currently purple Senate back to Democratic control.

“That would send a huge signal to Trump, to all the Republicans, to all the press,” Uygur called on his viewers. “We’re on the war path.”

Uygur, who, along with TYT, has been integral in the formation of a new wing of the Democratic Party, Justice Democrats, as previously featured by the Inquisitr, insisted that the new caucus is focused on “fighting back: not just through protests, not through hashtags, actual votes, actual wins, in actual races.”

The TYT host expressed that a win by Greg Cava in Connecticut’s 32nd Congressional District would send a “message” to President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders alike. In the last election, the district was taken by the Republican, 62-38.

“They’re not going to win this without us,” Uygur stated.

After speaking with those campaigning in the state, Uygur has concluded that a win by Cava “is doable,” urged viewers to come forward “right now,” and to contact the Wolf PAC at alison@wolf-Pac.com to volunteer. The Wolf PAC website states the group’s goal is to “take away the massive influence that money has over our political process.” The PAC is non-partisan, and is committed to supporting Republicans who share its vision of getting money out of politics.

Governing has stated that the chance of Greg Cava winning in Connecticut is a “long shot.” Executive director of the Connecticut Democratic Party, Michael Mandell, has spoken about the state’s Republicans being “absent” from discussions surrounding Trump and how some residents may view this as a “validator for President Trump’s agenda.”

Connecticut Senate Chamber. [Image by Holley St. Germain | Flickr | Cropped & Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]

Volunteers with the Wolf PAC in Connecticut are needed to go door to door; the group is willing to train those who have no experience. Uygur is asking for 20 volunteers who live in or near the state, today. For those who live outside the area, referred to by the TYT host as the “air force,” Uygur is asking for volunteers to take part in telephone canvassing.

“They’re doing it right now,” Cenk Uygur said. “and they’re getting a great reception.”

The host professed his expectation that a win on the part of Greg Cava would send a message “to the whole world.” Uygur explained that the vast majority of volunteers with the Wolf PAC have no political experience, that new volunteers will be taught all that is needed, and that the group is “the best in the business.”

Governing states that special elections like the upcoming one in Connecticut typically attract a low turnout of voters with only the “most dedicated” aware that they are being held. Cenk Uygur believes that with a low turnout vote that attracts even a moderate amount of support from Democrats and independents “we’re going to shock the world.”

President Donald Trump speaks before a crowd at Orlando Melbourne International Airport, yesterday. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Speaking about a Delaware Senate special election race, Paul Brewer, with the University of Delaware, suggested that under normal circumstances, sparsely attended elections favor incumbents. However, Brewer left open the potential that Donald Trump’s election win and rhetoric may have “energized people on the left.”

Generally, Governing explains, elections for state legislatures aren’t very competitive. Instances when one party wins a number of unexpected seats, particularly during special elections, can be a sign that it has gained “real momentum heading into the next general election.”

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