Anti-Sharia Group Starts Campaign Against Susan Rice For Secretary Of State

ACT! for America, an anti-Sharia group founded by Brigitte Gabriel, “a Lebanese immigrant who came to the United States after losing her country of birth to militant Muslim fundamentalists during the Lebanese Civil War,” has started a letter writing campaign against the possible nomination of UN Ambassador Susan Rice as Secretary Of State. Rice has been named a top prospect to replace Hillary Clinton in the Cabinet post should Clinton keep her promise to leave the Obama Administration after one term.

The grassroots organization has been quite active warning Americans against violent Jihad, Islamist terrorism and Sharia Law. As is usually the case, Act! claims to be a patriotic organization that has nothing against law abiding Muslims, while detractors label Act! an Islamophobic hate group. The group denies the charges and insists on its patriotic purpose.

“ACT! for America is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization whose mission is to give Americans concerned about national security, terrorism, and the threat of radical Islam, a powerful, organized, informed and mobilized voice.”

“Whether the specific threat is violent jihad, stealth jihad, the advance of sharia law, the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the scourge of political correctness which is enabling the rise of radical Islam, ACT! for America stands ready to take action as the largest national security grassroots organization in America.”

Rice has come under intense criticism from ACT! for her ‘apology’ tour of the Sunday news shows after the United States Libyan Consulate was attacked. She constantly blamed an obscure anti-Muslim video for the violence that led to the destruction of the Consulate in Libya and the assault on the United States Embassy in Cairo on September 11, 2012. Rice spent almost two full weeks blaming the video for the Islamic rampage that rocked the Middle East and Asia before she finally back-tracked and insisted the CIA and the military gave her confusing information.

Today, ACT! for America sent an email to supporters urging them to “please ask your member of the U.S. House of Representatives to sign Rep. Jeff Duncan’s letter opposing Susan Rice as Secretary of State!’ The ‘Urgent Alert’ includes an excerpt from Rep. Duncan’s letter:

“We, the undersigned are deeply troubled by reports that you may be considering Ambassador Susan Rice to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State… Ambassador Rice is widely viewed as having either willfully or incompetently misled the American public in the Benghazi matter…We strongly oppose any efforts to nominate Ambassador Susan Rice for the position of Secretary of State.”

Ms. Gabriel continues to accuse Ambassador Rice of participating in a campaign to mislead the American people about the tragic events in Benghazi, Libya.

“We understand that President Obama may be considering Ambassador Susan Rice to serve as U.S. Secretary of State if Hillary Clinton steps down as expected.”

“We assume that this possibility is as shocking to you as it is to us; particularly considering the unconscionable misinformation campaign that Ms. Rice was a part of immediately following the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi—an attack that resulted in the brutal murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.”

“As you will recall, days after the violence against our embassy in Benghazi, Ms. Rice went on numerous television shows claiming that the attack was spontaneous and solely due to a low budget You Tube video—instead of recognizing it for the act of terrorism that it clearly was.”

“In response to the outlandish possibility that Ambassador Rice is indeed being considered as a possible next Secretary of State, Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) is circulating a congressional letter to President Obama expressing strong opposition to the nomination of Ms. Rice for this important post. Over the next few days, he will be asking every member of the U.S. House of Representatives to join with him by signing the letter.”

While there are many legitimate questions about the entire Libyan affair, it is becoming more apparent every day that finding out the truth about what happened in Benghazi is taking a back seat to the political warfare being being waged right here in the United States of America. Once again, we are witnessing a divided nation, where us against them is the order of the day.

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