Colette Butler Divorce? Fans Want Shayards Wife To Dump Shay Carl After Cheating

Colette Butler may not be headed for divorce — the mother and wife of the famous Shaytards YouTube family isn’t saying anything publicly — but many fans are imploring the social media star to leave husband Shay Carl after his very public cheating scandal.

Late last weekend, an Instagram star and self-professed “cam girl” named Aria Nina shared details of some graphic messages Shay Carl had shared with her over an unspecified period. Nina even tagged Colette Butler in one of the more graphic exchanges between the two.

At the time the scandal begun to break, Shay Carl posted a message telling fans that he had fallen back into alcohol abuse and would be taking a step back from his public life.

“I have struggled with alcoholism for years,” Carl wrote on Twitter (via the Idaho State Journal).

“I thought I was able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a life long disease.”

In the wake of Shay Carl’s cheating scandal, Colette Butler has gone radio silence. Though the family once shared nearly every event of their life online, they recently left YouTube and Colette has stopped posting to Twitter and Instagram. Her final Twitter post came just days before the scandal broke, a link to one of the family’s final videos.

Colette Butler wasn’t as active on Instagram, but one of the most recent photos was a shot of her gazing lovingly at Shay Carl in a post to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary my love @shaycarl!” she wrote.

“Here’s to 14 years of ups, downs, and growing together in ways we never imagined. I will be by your side forever. ???You are my best friend and I never want to be without that fabulous smile of yours! I love you!”

But with Colette Butler taking a break from social media in the wake of Shay Carl’s cheating scandal, fans have turned her pages into a sounding board of sorts. Many fans have left messages of support for the YouTube star, and others implore Colette Butler to divorce Shay Carl.

“You gave him five beautiful kids and are an amazing mother to them,” wrote one person.

“And even if he didn’t care about all that, even if all he cared about was looks, you are beautiful and still in shape after 5 kids. You’ve been nothing but amazing to this man. I truly hope you can heal from this and find happiness, whatever you choose to do.”

Other messages were more angry, taking aim at Shay Carl for his carelessness in a scandal that could have so easily gone public. In announcing last year that they were taking a break from YouTube, Shay Carl and Colette Butler noted that they wanted some time away from the spotlight for their five children.

It may not be likely for Colette Butler to divorce Shay Carl after the scandal — or at least, not right away. The family is devout in their Mormon faith, which discourages divorce and encourages couples to seek counseling through difficult times.

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