‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale: Elena Comes Back To Mourn Damon’s Death?

The Vampire Diaries‘ finale is coming, which means fans will finally find out who will be the character to end up in the casket. Elena (Nina Dobrev) is coming back from her sleep to reunite with the rest of the cast, but she’ll miss a major character – is it Damon (Ian Somerhalder)?

[Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk]

To recap, The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 13 titled “The Lies Will Catch Up with You” brought back the villain Kai (Chris Wood), TVLine reports. Damon hoped that he will undo the curse he bestowed Elena, which will hold her asleep unless Bonnie (Kat Graham) dies, but instead Kai stabbed him, leaving him to perish.

So did Damon actually die from that encounter?

Speculations suggest that yes, viewers may see him dead in The Vampire Diaries‘ next episode or the one after that, fulfilling the teaser that someone big will die in the finale. Kai made sure to stab him with the sword that can even kill the creator of Hell himself, Cade (Wolé Parks), and he really did look like he was about to die at the end of the episode.

Kai, on the other hand, went off with Elena’s body with unknown reasons. It’s presumed that he will not do anything to harm her as it’s already a known fact that she is coming back (alive).

This is the reason why it is speculated that he will be the one in the casket in a scene from The Vampire Diaries finale. According to Entertainment Weekly, which was on the set for the series’ final group scene, it features Elena standing in the Mystic Falls cemetery with almost everyone of the crew around her.

The publication noted that she is crying in the funeral of a loved one, but it did not disclose who it is for. The gang is saying goodbye to someone who’s played a major role in The Vampire Diaries and in their lives – who could it be?

The Vampire Diaries started with a love triangle between Elena and the Salvatore brothers, but the books from which it is based on is clear that it’s always going to be Elena and Stefan (Paul Wesley) at the end.

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This could be the series’ way of having the original couple end up together in the finale – by eliminating the other choice. This way, the former leading lady will not be burdened with choosing and fans will not see Damon all heartbroken – though they will see him dead.

However, the rumor mill is in overdrive right now so Damon isn’t the only one being rumored to be dying in The Vampire Diaries finale. There’s also Bonnie, who seems the most obvious choice since the curse is between her and Elena.

Being a lifelong friend, Bonnie dying will really have Elena crying. The finale scene that was described doesn’t look like she will die of natural causes, so the manner of her death is up for speculations right now. The latest episodes don’t really paint her as a dying person (just a fighting one), but The Vampire Diaries is always full of surprises so who knows what will happen in the finale.

Another candidate for the casket is Stefan, who nearly died in Episode 13. He may make one last sacrifice to make the people he loves happy – his life, per Refinery29. Although Stelena is the original route, The Vampire Diaries TV series may take a different and more popular one.

With the gallant, albeit murderer, brother out of the way, Damon will be finally able to take Elena for himself in the finale, leaving her again with no choice. This is actually what’s wrong about all the Damon/Stefan death speculations: the only purpose of the death is so that the surviving one ends up with the girl. Can’t the heroine make her own choice in this matter?

Nonetheless, whoever dies in The Vampire Diaries finale, let’s hope that his/her death will be a meaningful one.

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