Six UFOs Sail By ISS As NASA Cuts Live Feed — Seen On ‘Fox And Friends Weekend’

Six UFOs that went sailing by the International Space Station on Friday were caught on NASA’s live feed, that is until it mysteriously cut out. The live feed showing the UFOs was made into a video that was posted online and it was also shown during a Fox and Friends Weekend segment on Saturday morning. This video is making the buzz online today because of the size of these objects.

It is important to note that the term UFOs stands for Unidentified Flying Objects, so this could be used to describe just about anything that happens to be flying around until it is identified. These six objects were not identified by NASA or anyone else during this eerie flight by the space station on Friday.

Clayton Morris of Fox and Friends Weekend tweeted about these six UFOs, which is seen below. This is the video that was talked about on the show Saturday morning. If it was seen on Fox, it is for sure making a big buzz online today.

The size of the UFOs could be roughly estimated against the part of the International Space Station also captured on the live feed. The UFOs did not appear to be crystallized balls of ice, which have been the explanation for previous UFO sightings, cites Tyler from the Secure Team website, who talked with a reporter.

A reporter from the Independent spoke with Tyler who noticed how the UFO footage was suspiciously cut as that cluster of UFOs made their way past the International Space Station. The NASA feed coming from the International Space Station is online for anyone to view. These UFOs were first spotted by people who make a hobby out of monitoring the live NASA feed. Many keep an eye on the NASA feed because they are specifically waiting for any type of UFO sighting.

Some of the folks who first spotted the UFOs on the NASA live feed made the clip into a video and posted it online. The majority of these posted UFO videos have YouTube users commenting on how the live feed just mysteriously stopped as the UFOs sailed by, so it was noticed by quite a few people.

The video of the six UFOs online is only 31 seconds long, but within that time the amazing sight of six glowing objects buzzing by the International Space Station was captured. These UFOs are seen as “six large glowing orbs,” according to the Independent.

Once the UFO cluster of the large glowing orbs were seen, the live feed at the space station was cut and replaced with the image of the inside of a briefing room, which was also on a live feed. This is certainly not the first time that the NASA live-feed gazers have found evidence of a UFO around the International Space Station.

Footage caught by a French astronaut who climbed aboard the International Space Station in 1999 with his own camera and cam recorder in tow caught many objects outside the windows. There have been a few times in the past that the NASA feed abruptly stops just as UFO comes into view. In one incident, instead of cutting out when a UFO came into view, the camera lens was covered by the gloved hand of an astronaut.

It was back in 2015 when a UFO appeared on the live feed from the space station and suddenly it was covered up by one of the astronaut’s hands, according to the Independent. It was also in 2015 when NASA’s live feed of the space station was once again mysteriously cut during a UFO sighting, as seen in the Facebook post below.

It is not often that so many UFOs are spotted at one time on the live feed from NASA, so as you might imagine, social media sites lit up over yesterday’s event of six UFOs seen all at once. As the Facebook post below suggests, it was a “fleet” of UFOs buzzing by the International Space Station. It is also not often that the major news stations pick up on this type of UFO news, but they did.

Besides Fox and Friends Weekend mentioning this on Saturday morning, CBS Morning News reported on this during their Friday newscast.

[Featured Image by/NASA TV/AP Images]

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