Demi Lovato Hits Back At Fan Who Called Her A ‘Fat W****’

Demi Lovato is allegedly hitting back at a fan who called her a “fat w****.”

A Twitter user who goes by the name Destiny Black claimed to have received a reply from Lovato on the social media site on February 17, claiming Demi replied to a direct message in which the fan called her a “fat w****.”

The Twitter user took to the 140-character site to post a screen shot of their alleged exchange with Lovato on the social media site, posting a screen shot of a message between the two in which Demi appeared to hit back after she made the nasty remarks online.

According to the fan’s upload, Demi refused to engage in a nasty back and forth amid the apparent body shaming, instead allegedly replying “Watch your language!” after the user sent the singer the profanity.

“I sent a DM to Demi Lovato and I just got dragged. Jhgjhghdjszh,” Destiny captioned the screen shot alleging to show the exchange, though Demi has not confirmed the authenticity of the interaction.

Demi Lovato slams fan who called her a 'fat w****'
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But while Demi is yet to speak out after the social media user sent her the pretty nasty message online, if the screen grab is to be believed, this certainly isn’t the first time Lovato has hit back at hater who attacked her for her weight following her high-profile struggle with body image issues and body confidence.

Demi has been extremely outspoken about her confidence issues with her body in the past, getting seriously candid about her past battles with eating disorders in numerous interviews.

Lovato even most recently hit out at a fan who posted a drawing to Instagram which showed Demi portrayed as a mermaid in September, slamming the artist and claiming that he did not draw her body accurately.

Demi slammed the fan in an Instagram comment after the artists uploaded the pencil drawing, commenting on the image last year, “Is that how boobs should look?” before then adding, “It’s gorgeous but that’s not my body.”

Lovato received some major backlash from fans following her comments, as a slew of fans accused Lovato of being “rude” to the fan who opted to immortalize her as a mermaid with the pencil drawing, while Demi has been extremely outspoken about loving her body and being confident in the past.

Demi Lovato revealed during an appearance on The Katie Couric Show in 2012 that she’d actually been bullied for her weight on multiple occasions, getting candid about her struggle to accept her body and embrace body confidence.

“People don’t realize how badly verbal harassment and that cyber bullying affects you. They called me ‘fat’ and they called me horrible things,” Demi said of the bullying she received online at the time, adding that she was so affected by the vicious taunts of body shaming trolls that the insults still stick with her.

Lovato then continued to get seriously candid about her lengthy battle with eating disorders in the interview, revealing at the time that she struggled with bulimia after hearing the hateful words of internet trolls.

“I would throw up because I thought one glass of juice [would] make me gain five pounds,” Lovato told Couric almost five years ago. “I was listening to commenters on blog sites who were saying, ‘Oh she looks fat in this outfit,’ or whatever and I put that pressure on myself.”

Demi Lovato slams Twitter troll who sent her a nasty message
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However, it looks like Demi’s reluctance to fully engage with her Twitter troll this week proves that Demi is now in a much better place when it comes to body confidence, as she revealed to Allure magazine last year.

“I’ve never felt as confident in my skin as I do today,” Lovato admitted during a cover feature interview last year, confirming at the time that she’s now in a great place when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident about her body.

“Once I started feeling better about myself, I felt better about showing more skin,” Lovato said of her newfound body confidence.

What do you think of Demi Lovato’s comments to the Twitter user who called her a “fat w****?”

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