Danielle Stislicki News: Friends Fondly Recall Missing Woman In Emotional Video

More than two and a half months after Farmington Hills, Michigan, woman Danielle Stislicki went missing, a moving yet informative video has been posted on a Facebook page dedicated to finding her. The video offers unique insight from those who knew the missing woman and includes key information, emotional moments, and a number of photos of Danielle with her family and her numerous friends.

The video, titled “Lighting the Way for Danielle,” which was posted on the “Find Danielle Stislicki” Facebook page, not only begins with news snippets involving her mysterious disappearance but also features anecdotes from those who know and love her.


One friend who speaks in the video, Ian Holme, has known Danielle since middle school and emphasized how inviting, caring, and giving she has always been, noting she is a “people person.”

Ian’s wife, Kristy Jo Holme, spoke about Danielle saying she “…has so much good in her. I have never ever heard her say anything bad about anyone. And, actually, since she’s been missing, I’ve been reflecting on this a lot and thinking about what a happy person she always is and how that’s the way that she lives.” Kristy’s voice wavered slightly as she continued with the following.

“And I’ve been trying to really take inspiration from that because I think that that’s important… No matter what life handed her, no matter what situation she was in, she was always happy, and always kind. And so I’ve been trying to do more of that.”

Friend Rachel Perrell said of Danielle, “…she was just that light… everyone always wanted to be her friend.” Rachel added, “She always cared… it was so clear that she was so genuine, and when she asked you a question, she cared about what you were going to say.”

“Over the years Danielle has been just a bright light,” said friend Jill Thompson in the video. She added that Danielle is “lightness and she’s fun… she lifted me way up… it’s been very difficult to not have her around.”

The video further emphasizes the massive amount of support that Danielle and her family have obtained from the local community and those who have joined the effort to bring her home from far and wide on various platforms, including social media sites.

The video ends with a message of hope, as Danielle’s many friends and supporters make a plea for her to return to them safely. A group of those interviewed are seen lighting and releasing paper lanterns into the sky as symbols of light to guide Danielle back home.


To date, only sparse information about the investigation into Danielle’s disappearance has been released by the Farmington Hills Police Department. Authorities have stated publicly that while the investigation is ongoing, they are unable to discuss many details of the case. Nonetheless, police have indicated that evidence is currently being processed by the state’s crime lab.

Fox News reported previously that DNA tests were being run on a mattress taken weeks ago from the home of a security guard that once worked in the same building as Danielle. Three vehicles, including Danielle’s Jeep, are also being tested, according to the news media outlet, which further reported that police believe Danielle was kidnapped after leaving her job at MetLife where she worked with her mother.

Danielle, 28, went missing sometime in the late afternoon of December 2, after leaving her job at MetLife at around 5 p.m. She had plans later in the evening to meet a lifelong female friend for dinner after first stopping at her apartment on the way home from work.

When Danielle failed to show up for their planned dinner, her friend became worried and headed to the Independence Green apartment complex where Danielle lives. When the friend arrived, she found Danielle’s Jeep Renegade parked near her apartment. Danielle did not show up for work on Saturday, the following morning.

[Image by Farmington Hills Police Department]

Local law enforcement later announced that inside Danielle’s locked Jeep was her purse, her identification, and her credit cards. Danielle’s keys and cell phone were nowhere to be found, which police announce is very suspicious.


Authorities announced that her key ring contains a unique key charm consisting of a yellow figure with a green body and yellow legs. Danielle’s cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime in a rose gold case.

[Image by Farmington Hills Police Department]

Danielle is described as being 5 feet 5 inches tall, and weighing about 123 pounds. She has brown wavy medium-length hair and was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, a blue Eddie Bauer jacket, and burgundy boots when she vanished.

[Image by Farmington Hills Police Department]

Police want to speak to anyone who may have spotted Danielle or her Jeep between 5 p.m. on Friday, December 2, and 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 3, when her vehicle was found. Danielle’s vehicle is a black 2015 Jeep Renegade with Michigan License Plate DGH 8957.

[Image by Farmington Hills Police Department]

At press time, a GoFundMe campaign offering a reward for information that will lead to Danielle had jumped to $29,825, surpassing its original goal of $25,000 by several thousand dollars. Danielle’s employer, MetLife, is offering a $50,000 reward, and the Independence Green apartment complex where Danielle lives is offering another $50,000, making the current reward $129,825.

A website has also been established, www.finddani.org, which is aimed at aiding in the search for the missing woman.

Anyone who has information regarding Danielle Stislicki is urged to call the Farmington Hills Police Command Desk at 248-871-2610 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP or 1-800-773-2587. Those who call with any information about the missing woman can remain anonymous if they so desire.

[Featured Image by Find Danielle Stislicki/Facebook]

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