Ann Coulter’s ‘Donald Trump Is Head Of Church’ Comment Infuriates And Frightens

Ann Coulter may have really crossed a line this time. Coulter is widely known as an ardent Donald Trump supporter, but on Thursday she tweeted out a comment in favor of Trump that shocked even her own fans as well as fans of President Trump, and made many of them accuse her of blasphemy.

Ann Coulter’s extremely controversial comment was meant to praise The Donald’s performance at the press conference he held on Thursday. The conference itself is already infamous — it is the one in which Trump declared that “Russia is fake news” — and almost all reports from reputable news sources such as The Guardian, agree that it was a complete failure full of incoherent rants and obscure tangents. You can check out full footage of the conference below.

Ann Coulter does not fall into the same camp as those detractors, though. In fact, contrary to the article from The Telegraph titled “Donald Trump’s Unhinged Press Conference Proved He Is The Most Unfit Person Ever To Be US President,” Coulter is of the opinion that the conference was extremely inspiring and only furthered her belief in Donald Trump as presidential material.

“Trump is already head of state,” Coulter said in her Tweet Thursday afternoon. “After that press conference, in my eyes, he’s now head of church.”

Now Ann Coulter’s comment might have been meant as some simple praise, but the way she worded it really offended and even frightened a lot of people.

One such group of people are many of the avid Christians living all over the country. Some of those Christians support both Trump and Coulter, who both claim to be devout Christians as well, but they all believe that no one, not even the president of the United States, can top Jesus Christ in terms of being “head of the church.” Many of the comments on Coulter’s tweet focused on this argument, and it is the complaint that all existing reports about Ann’s ill-worded message, such as the one from The Christian Post, focus on. The commenters generally call Coulter’s declaration “blasphemy.”

The less talked-about (and much creepier, from a non-religious perspective) aspect of Ann Coulter’s post that is pretty offensive is the implication that Trump has closed the gap between church and state, not to mention the fact that Coulter welcomes the joining of the two.

America was founded on the principle of freedom of religion. The 1791 Bill of Rights, one of the USA’s founding documents, clearly calls for separation of church and state, a mantra that has become a central value of America’s national identity. Ann Coulter suggesting that Trump, currently the most politically powerful man in the country (and, very arguably, the world), is blasphemous in a way totally separate from Christian pride: it says flat-out that the American belief system has been compromised by Trump.

To be fair, Donald Trump being opposed to the laissez-faire religious arrangement that the United States has operated under almost since its inception is not exactly news. Time reports he vowed to close the gap between religious and political institutions at a rally last August before he was elected, and Patheos notes he repeated the sentiment when speaking at a prayer breakfast earlier this month.

Donald Trump proudly holds up a bible, though some people suspect his ‘devout Christian’ persona is nothing more than an act he puts on to garner more votes. [Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Images]

Obviously, Ann Coulter’s statement is in no way definitive, as it was only saying how Coulter herself feels, not what is actually true. Still, Ann Coulter is a fairly influential political analyst, and her observations regarding the President, no matter how wild they might seem, should not be simply dismissed as the rantings of a lunatic. In other words, the American public would do well to pay attention to Coulter’s words and take action if Donald Trump looks to be overstepping his boundaries.

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