Chicago Bulls Roster, Minus Dwayne Wade, Embarrassing For Boston Celtics?

Since the Chicago Bulls added Dwayne Wade, his stats might take a hit after missing the game with the Boston Celtics on Thursday. A CSN Chicago report about his wrist injury, which also reported an illness that followed, will hopefully be as bad as it gets.

The article points out that the Chicago Bulls roster around Dwayne Wade were 4-4 in the season series with the Boston Celtics so far. But now, everyone’s talking about how Jimmy Butler is an improvment to the Chicago Bulls after he pulled out a last-second win over Boston.

Dwayne Wade against the Raptors when he was playing with the Miami Heat
Dwayne Wade when he was with the Miami Heat. [Image by Alan Diaz/AP Images]

Fortunately for him, and perhaps thanks to Wade’s absence, Butler was initially allowed to play without minutes restrictions with Mirotic also making a return after missing a few games due to a back injury.

Much of the news coverage was focused on Dwayne Wade, not only for his injury and illness, but for also being the only one out for this game. There are even some who feel they might as well treat this as if Dwayne Wade were still with the Miami Heat because many fans still can’t believe he ever left to join the Chicago Bulls.

Perhaps part of the reason for that is because he isn’t offered any reasons. During his introductory news conference for the Chicago Bulls last year, he downplayed the reasons he left so abruptly.

Dwayne Wade was recently on The Vertical Podcast with Adrian Wojnarowski where he finally came clean.

Initially, during his introductory news conference last July, he said that his biggest reason for joining the Chicago Bulls was because he wanted to come back home.

One report by Fox Sports describes that Wade considered petty to be the entire reason behind it. And that Dwayne wasn’t getting much attention from Miami Heat president Pat Riley. But, the article also points to the possibility that the Heat weren’t very interested in investing on an aging player with knee injuries.

As for Dwayne Wade’s stats – and his recent wrist issues – they might have been correct in not giving him any attention at the time.

The Fox Sports article also points to Dwayne Wade’s stats since he made the roster.

“Wade, who is making a career-low 43 percent of his shots from the floor this season, eventually agreed to a two-year, $47 million deal with the Bulls.”

Thursday night’s win against the Boston Celtics goes to Jimmy Butler, who made two free throws with 0.9 seconds left on the clock, which gave the Bulls a win at home, 104-103.

Chicago Bulls celebrate their win against Boston Celtics.
Bobby Portis (left) and Michael Carter-Williams (right) celebrate the defeat of Boston Celtics. [Image by Paul Beaty/AP Images]

The Celtics argued that the referee made a bad call on a foul against Isaiah Thomas for touching Butler’s elbow right before the last second shot.

According to a news report by ESPN, Thomas said the game was stolen.

“We won this game. We had it won. A great defensive stop by Marcus Smart and the referee called a horrible call. That was bad.”

Marcus Smart also chimed in to say that Butler missed his shot but that the foul was called and that bad call was what gave Jimmy Butler those free shots and the Bulls the win.

Marcus took it a bit further and said that he essentially got punished for playing good defense.

Since the game, the Celtics are making news about their complaints and it’s opening up the debate against the Chicago Bulls as if they just got lucky by a bad call. Perhaps when Dwayne Wade comes back, he could step it up and even out the odds?

[Featured Image by Paul Beaty/AP Images]