MI6 publishes test for future James Bonds

The British Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6 has published an online test for potential James Bond candidates. The quiz is posted on the Secret Intelligence Service’s website. You are given a background and must answer the questions within two minutes. Just like a real life interrogation.

Unfortunately the SIS operatives aren’t known as “00” (double O’s), but as “Operational Officers”, but if you can live with that description, the SIS are still recruiting. You can read the typical Operational Officer profile here.

Excerpt from the test:

Your Cover Story

You’re stationed in Transeuratania. You’re a vegetarian and the food isn’t especially good in Metropoligrad – unlike the coffee, which costs less than a Shilling for a pot at the best hotel. Your name is Stephanie Johnson. You were born on 14th December 1974 in Skegness. At A Level, you gained an A in Geography, an A in French and a B in Economics. You have two sisters and a brother. You studied Geology at university and now work as a Management Consultant for a company called British Coal Associates.


1. What is your name?

A: Joan Stephenson. B: Stephanie Johnston. C: Stephanie Johnson.

2. What is the currency of Transeuratania?

A: Transeuratanian Rouble. B: Transeuratanian Zloty. C: Transeuratanian Shilling.

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