Lisa Marie Presley Claims Kids In Protective Custody After Disturbing Discovery

Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley, claims that her 8-year-old twin daughters are in protective custody with the California’s Department of Children and Family Services. In these claims that Lisa Marie has made in court documents, she states that she discovered both inappropriate photos and videos of children on her estranged husband’s computer. These latest accusations were made during a messy divorce between Presley and Michael Lockwood, who has released a statement reporting a totally different side of Presley’s serious claim.

ET reports that they have obtained court documents stating Presley’s claim that she found these disturbing images on a computer belonging to Lockwood. The documents, which were filed on February 7 in a Los Angeles court, also state that Presley said she was “shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach” when she made the discovery of these children’s images on the computer.

Lockwood is asking for $40,000 per month in spousal support, and he is also asking for Presley to pay his attorney fees, which are reported to be $100,000. Due to the recent discovery of the disturbing images, Presley is asking the court to deny Lockwood’s request for spousal support and attorney’s fees. Presley’s attorney has asked that Lockwood’s “request for spousal support must be denied by reason of this conduct alone.” Presley is being represented by attorney Shelly Albaum.

Lockwood has not faced any charges for the alleged photos and videos as of yet. His lawyer, Jeff Sturman, has released a statement to ET saying, “It is very unfortunate and inappropriate that Ms. Presley chose to file a one-sided, inaccurate version of the facts in the Family Law Court’s publicly accessible files.”

Sturman’s statement also conveyed that Lockwood wasn’t going to “publicly disclose very negative information about Ms. Presley to retaliate…” Sturman stated that Lockwood “denies the truth of what Ms. Presley chose to put in the press.” He also conveyed that Lockwood had nothing more to say at this time.

People magazine reports, that according to the filing, “Respondent [Lockwood] was discovered to have hundreds of inappropriate photos of children and is facing allegation of sexual abuse and neglect.”

According to the Daily Mail, Lockwood said that Presley “cares more about destroying me than her own kids.” They also report that she is claiming poverty, but Lockwood disclosed that Presley receives $5.6 million a year broken down in increments of $466,000 a month from the estate that Elvis set up for his only child.

Lockwood is concerned that Presley’s false statement will be brought to the attention of their twin daughters. He claims that allegations against him have not been proven, but there are also “bombshell allegations” against Presley, according to the Daily Mail. He also said that the undisclosed allegations against Presley have not been proven either.

The Daily Mail also said that the court documents state that Finley and Harper Lockwood, the daughters, are “in the care of California’s Department of Children and Family Services.” These documents indicate that there are “pending allegations of sexual abuse and neglect.”

Lockwood said that what he has learned over the decade of marriage to Presley is something that he believes the court will also learn during this case. He believes they will find that Presley “has great difficulty being honest and she rarely, if ever, accepts personal responsibility for her own wrongdoing.”

A judge passed down an order forbidding Presley and Lockwood from discussing the allegations, said Beatrice Fung, who is another lawyer also representing Lockwood. Because of this new allegation becoming public knowledge, Lockwood said that Presley broke the rules set forth around this divorce by the court.

Presley, who is 49, has been married to Lockwood, 55, for 10 years. Lisa Marie has an older daughter, who she claims she is now living with rent-free because she is broke, according to ET. Lisa Marie claims that she is staying with her daughter Riley Keough and her husband Ben Smith Peters. It is not known why the twin girls weren’t placed with a family member instead of being held in the state’s child protective custody.

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