Nutella Tax Approved By Senate In France

The citizens of France may soon have to start paying a premium for Nutella as a junk food tax, which has been dubbed the Nutella Tax, passed through the Senate today. The measure still has to be passed by lower house of parliament.

According to the Associated Press, the measure would triple the tax on products made with palm oil. Since Nutella contains more than 20 percent palm oil, the measure has been nicknamed the Nutella tax in France. reports that the tax would raise the price of Nutella by about ten cents a jar.

The measure is part of a bill that aims to help finance the national health care system. The measure will also encourage manufacturers to use healthier alternatives and slow down the increasing obesity rate in the country.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council said that the Nutella tax was unfair to French citizens. The palm oil council argued that people should be allowed to choose what they eat. Also, the council argued that the palm oil industry employs thousands of people in countries like Malaysia.

The council said: “Palm oil is a healthy, natural and important product, which 240,000 small farmers in Malaysia are proud to produce.”

The Nutella tax is similar to junk food taxes that have been passed in the United States. Earlier this year, Mayor Bloomberg implemented a ban on large sodas in New York.

Do you think the government should regulate the food industry? Should France pass the Nutella tax?

If the tax is passed, some people are worried that the makers of the delicious chocolate topping will be forced to change their recipe. Frederic Thil, the head for France of Ferrero, said that the recipe for Nutella would not be changed.

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