Anti-Paparazzi Bieber Case Gets Tossed Out

An anti-paparazzi case involving Justin Bieber was tossed out after a judge determined that a freelance photographer wasn’t in violation of the new California law in following the pop star.

As The Associated Press reported, the anti-paparazzi Bieber case involved photographer Raul Raef, who was the first person charged under California’s new law targeting reckless driving by people seeking photos of celebrities.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Thomas Rubinson dismissed the charge Wednesday after Raef’s attorney made arguments. The judge said that the anti-paparazzi law is too broad, and there are problems with the way it is written.

This could spell trouble for the law itself. Raef’s lawyer had been arguing that the law is unconstitutional, and, by agreeing, the judge could send it back to the drawing board or at the very least open it up to future challenges from photographers.

Though the judge ruled in favor of Raef on this count, the anti-Paparazzi Bieber case isn’t the only trouble he found himself in following the incident. The photographer is still charged with reckless driving for following Bieber at more than 80 mph and forced other motorists off the road.

The teen pop sensation could still find himself in court soon even if the anti-Paparazzi Bieber case was tossed out. On Tuesday, he was pulled over while driving his Ferrari last past a couple of officers from the LA County Sheriff’s Department, TMZ reported. Maybe it was a chance for Bieber to blow off some steam after his widely publicized breakup with Selena Gomez.

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