‘Dragon Ball Super’ News: U2 God Of Destruction, Elite U11 Fighter Revealed

Dragon Ball Super is well into the Universe Survival Arc, with the pre-tournament match between three elite fighters from Universe 7 and Universe 9 kicking off last week. As Majin Buu goes head-to-head with the youngest of the U9 wolf fighters, new information about other important characters in the Tournament of Power have been officially released. This time around, the new revelations involve the only female God of Destruction and possibly one of the most formidable fighters in the tournament itself.

Released on the official Dragon Ball Super website, the new character profiles have managed to attract the interest of both longtime and new DB fans alike. Over the past few weeks, numerous profiles of characters have steadily been revealed, with information on the God of Destruction and Kai of Universe 9, as well as their respective champions being unveiled. This week, the spotlight was on a fighter from Universe 11, and the character might very well be one of the strongest fighters in the history of the franchise.

Toppo of Universe 11 might very well be one of the most formidable fighters in 'Dragon Ball Super.'

The character, named Toppo, was described as the leader of an elite group of fighters called the “Pride Troopers,” who are guardians of peace in Universe 11. What is pretty interesting is the fact that the massive, bearded fighter is wearing the exact same fighting suit as the mysterious warrior who was featured fighting with Son Goku in the new Dragon Ball Super opening theme. Toppa was also briefly seen in the opening credits, standing behind Goku’s featured opponent.

From the clues left in the opening credits and the recently-released profile of the character alone, it appears safe to assume that Toppo, the character Goku is fighting in the opening theme, and the rest of the Pride Troopers are not malevolent characters. Considering their fighting uniform and the fact that they protect peace in Universe 11, the team appears to be inspired by DC’s Green Lantern Corps. In a lot of ways, the Pride Troopers might very well be one of the possible allies for the Universe 7 team in the Tournament of Power.

What is even more interesting about Toppo, however, is that the character is insanely strong. According to noted fan-translator Herms98, the leader of the Pride Troopers is so formidable that he has been scouted as a candidate for the next God of Destruction. With this information in mind, it seems pretty safe to say that Toppo would most likely rank well into the list of most powerful characters in the entire Dragon Ball Super universe to date.

Heles is the Universe 2 God of Destruction in 'Dragon Ball Super.'

Of course, it should be noted that Universe 7’s Goku and Vegeta have been scouted as possible Gods of Destruction in the past, as well. However, to even be considered for the role requires an insane amount of innate strength and power. Thus, Toppo would definitely be no joke, and he would most likely make a pretty massive impact in the Tournament of Power. Numerous fans are even speculating that the character might end up replacing one of the Gods of Destruction by the end of the Universe Survival Arc.

Apart from Toppo, the official Dragon Ball Super website has also released a brief bio for the Universe 2 God of Destruction, Heles. Being the only female destruction god, Heles was briefly described as a being who considers aesthetics to be of prime value. Her profile explicitly stated that she does not do well with things and beings she considers ugly. With this particular tendency in mind, there is a pretty good chance that the Universe 2 God of Destruction might be one of the most ruthless characters yet. After all, it would only take something that offends her eyes to effectively set her off.

With Toppo and Heles being revealed, the cast for the Universe Survival Arc has gotten a bit more complete. So far, the new Gods of Destruction and champions of the Dragon Ball Super multiverse have been very compelling. With the Tournament of Power set to officially begin immediately after the conclusion of the match between Universe 7 and Universe 9, Dragon Ball Super is set to get even more interesting.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]