Fake Sisqo: Sham Sisqo Fools Kanye West’s ‘New York Fashion Week’ Folks [Photos]

Call him “Fake Sisqo.” Or “Sham Sisqo.” Or even “Sisqo the Imposter.” Either way, the guy who posed in the above and below photos with designer Vivienne Tam is not Sisqo. But the “Fake Sisqo” was able to finagle his way backstage at the Vivienne Tam FW2017 Runway Show at Gallery 1 in Skylight Clarkson Square during “New York Fashion Week: The Shows” on February 15, in New York City.

Those who know the real Sisqo — the R&B singer responsible for such hits as the “Thong Song,”and “It’s All About Me” with singer Mya, as reported by MTV know that the guy in the above photos doesn’t look a whole lot like the real Sisqo.

However, as reported by Page Six, the fake Sisqo was able to fool enough people at New York Fashion Week shows that “Sham Sisqo” got to sit front and center at certain fashion shows and get his photo taken with designers like Vivienne. The publication reports that the “Fake Sisqo” also got to sit in the front row of Philipp Plein’s show, wearing what could be a knock-off Versace suit.

“Fake Sisqo” even made his way to Kanye West’s presentation. The real Sisqo was busy posting news on Monday, February 13, about his appearance in Las Vegas, scheduled for Thursday, February 16.


The “Fake Sisqo” commented on the below Instagram post, saying that when people asked him if he were Sisqo, he answered that he was not Sisqo.


However, according to Page Six, the “Sham Sisqo” was heard telling people that he had recently performed in the Meatpacking District at Up&Down until the wee hours of the morning.

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Page Six claims that “Shady Sisqo” could not make it onto a private jet of a rich New Yorker on the way to the Caribbean. The “Fake Sisqo” had a passport with the name Gavin Barnes, with a birthdate in 1986, which would make “Fake Sisqo” approximately 31 years of age. That’s too young to sing the “Thong Song” as a 13-year-old or 14-year-old in the year 2000 when the song was released, unless you’re talking about the “Cash Me Outside” girl of Dr. Phil Show fame.

The publication did reach out to Barnes, who said that his last name is not Barnes, and he did not try to pose as Sisqo. Gavin did not clarify who he actually is to the publication, and he didn’t give his full name.

“I never said I was Sisqo. People thought I was him, and that wasn’t cool.”

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On Instagram photos like the above, posted on the Instagram account named “fnlnetwork,” the description reads that they were “Catching up with @sisqo @nyfw#fnlnetwork #celebs #sisqo.” However, the real Sisqo wrote “Uhhhh,” and the “luckyprive” account wrote, “Please delete this, I am not Sisqo. I am very offended – please take this down.”

On the Instagram account named Hope McGrath, Hope writing, “R&B Flashback — Bumped into Sisqo @viviennetam runway show #sisqo #r&b #music #celebritysighting#nyfw #fashion #hopedesignslives.”

Ironically, the Sisqo tag on Instagram shows some photos of Kanye West with his hair dyed blonde, and comparisons being made. However, the real Sisqo has said, “Datz not me,” on Instagram next to some photos of “Fake Sisqo” at NYFW. Sisqo’s manager doesn’t know who “Fake Sisqo” is, but called the attention flattering. The real Sisqo is named Mark Althavean Andrews, and he was born in 1978.

Meanwhile, a plethora of images appeared in the Getty Images gallery with the “Fake Sisqo” tagged as if he is the real Sisqo.

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Vivienne Tam]