Angelina Jolie Reportedly ‘Hooking Up’ With Jared Leto After Brad Pitt Split

Angelina Jolie may have found a new man! Hollywood Life reports that Jolie is hooking up with Jared Leto — and Brad Pitt isn’t surprised. Has Jolie already moved on to another man?

An inside source revealed that Pitt would not be surprised if Jolie stepped out with Leto in the near future. The actress has apparently had a secret crush on Leto for years and has waited a long time to get with him.

Jared Leto [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

A second source also told Hollywood Life that Pitt and Jolie have argued about Leto in the past. When they married, Pitt allegedly felt threatened whenever Leto hung around. He also couldn’t trust Jolie and constantly worried about Leto’s influence.

Following Jolie’s nasty divorce with Pitt, Leto is reportedly helping her get through the rough times. He’s even helping Jolie deal with all the bad press and seems to be a perfect match for the Tomb Raider star. But will they officially start dating?

“Jared reached out to Angie after she filed divorce papers in September,” an insider explained. “The word is they spoke several times on the phone before meeting up in L.A. for dinner, and they’ve been seeing each other whenever they can since then.”

Jolie has not responded to the rumors about her romance with Leto. If they are on the verge of dating, at least it doesn’t sound like Pitt minds. Hopefully, this doesn’t affect her ongoing custody battle with Pitt and prolong the matter.

Speaking of their custody fight, In Touch Weekly is reporting that Pitt won a huge victory in court this past week. After months of a bitter struggle, Pitt is now allowed unmonitored access to all six of his children — Maddox (15), Pax (13), Zahara (13), Shiloh (10), and twins Vivienne and Knox (8).

As fans will recall, Angelina Jolie won control of the kids after filing for divorce in September. Not only did the kids live full-time with the actress, but Pitt was only allowed to see them with a therapist in the room. The recent news is a major development and hints that Pitt and Jolie might be close to reaching an agreement.

For Pitt, the new ruling means he can now spend more time with his children.

“He’s become a much more prominent figure in the kids’ lives, and they seem to be doing a lot better now that things have calmed down,” an inside source explained. “He’s recently had two different overnights with two kids without being monitored, and he’s hoping to have them for at least a week at a time by the end of February or early March.”

That being said, Pitt is still trying to win over the trust of his two oldest sons, Maddox and Pax. Maddox was involved in an incident with Pitt this past summer on a private plane. The actor allegedly got verbally and physically abusive with the teen.

Brad Pitt looked healthy and happy promoting ‘Allied’ a few months after the split. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

As far as Pitt and Jolie are concerned, they haven’t been face-to-face in months. They did, however, release a joint statement last month about hiring a private judge and are committed to undergoing therapy to work through their issues.

According to Page Six, Jolie is also doing her best to overhaul her public image. The actress has faced a lot of heat over the past month for her smear campaign against Pitt and is considering hiring a publicist for damage control.

The actress has expressed her dislike of PR managers in the past. Instead, Jolie has relied on a number of political advisors over the years, including Lady Arminka Helic and Judy Smith.

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