Texas Inmate Found Hanging In Jail Cell, Family Believes He Was Murdered

A family in Harris County, Texas are demanding a “more thorough investigation” after 32-year-old Vincent Dwayne Young was found dead, hanging in his jail cell, the CW39 reports.

Young was reportedly being held in the infirmary at Harris County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, February 13. While assigned deputies conducted a routine visual check at around 7:10 a.m., the inmate was found hanging by a bedsheet in his jail cell.

It was reported that deputies immediately called for medical staff, who performed CPR on the inmate until emergency medical services arrived.

Young was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital, but the hospital staff was unable to revive the inmate and he was pronounced dead a short time later – just five days before his birthday.


When authorities notified the inmate’s family, they were stunned, claiming that there was “no way” he would have commit suicide in his jail cell.

A woman identifying herself as Young’s sister stated that he was brutally beaten by deputies before at Harris County Jail, but authorities have not confirmed that claim.

Quanell X, who is representing the family, told the press that before Young was found dead, hanging in his jail cell, he informed his family that “they” told him if he were to ever return to the jail, they would kill him.

He went on to say that “they never got back with him or his family of what took place of that investigation of him being brutalized by deputies” at the jail.

“And guess what? He’s dead,” said a man claiming to be Young’s uncle, adding that he believes the inmate did not hang himself in his jail cell. He stated that “he was harmed because he asked questions or bugged police, so they intentionally lost his paperwork, delaying his release.”

“He would have been bonded out, but his paperwork was misplaced because he asked too many questions,” the uncle said. “He knew she was bonding him out today. Why would he kill himself?”

“Why would he kill himself if he coming home? He got three newborn babies. Why would he kill himself if he got a bond? It doesn’t make any sense.”

After viewing pictures of Young’s body and finding suspicious bruising, his family wanted answers.

The family asked to see surveillance footage, but they were disturbed when police officials informed them that there is “no video in his specific cell.”

A deputy stated that “when an investigation like this happens, there are some things that I can’t release unless I put my job on the line so it’s all part of the investigation, but what I can say is there is going to be no doctoring done.”

“I didn’t know your brother, I didn’t know your son. All I can go on is the family’s opinion or belief that he wouldn’t do this.”

Another deputy explained the necessary steps they take after finding an inmate unresponsive, saying “the first thing that we don’t do, if someone is hanging, is just walk away.”

“From 30 years on patrol and a short time here, if I see someone hanging I don’t just walk away. I cut them down and start CPR.”

Young’s relatives disputed that claim, stating that they don’t believe deputies tried to revive him. They do believe, however, that the inmate died by the hands of law enforcement officers.

The family stated that “there will be no rest until there is justice.”

It was determined that the Institute of Forensic Sciences will determine the inmate’s cause of death.

Meanwhile, HCSO’s extensive internal investigation and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office will be investigating Young’s death for violations of policy and law.

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