What Band Was Keanu Reeves In? Yes, He Performed At A Jon Bon Jovi Tour

What band was Keanu Reeves in? People are looking for the answer, while many are not even aware that he was a part of a band before becoming a Hollywood star. According to reports, he might have participated in a Jon Bon Jovi tour. He was a part of the garage band called Dogstar. In 2015, his bandmate Rob Mailhouse talked about the days before Reeves became a star.

Dogstar performed in some of the most renowned festivals in the world. However, they took time to get prepared for it. In the beginning, it was the “exuberance of youth” that made them believe in themselves. During the 90s, Keanu Reeves’ band was aggressive and “wanted to smash everything.” The first gig took place in Los Angeles. It was small club with around 60 people. Most of them were friends with the band members. The performance drew enthusiastic response from the audience.

What band was Keanu Reeves in?

The band Keanu Reeves was in as a bassist started small and went on to perform in one Jon Bon Jovi tour. One of Rob’s friends, who was a regular in their shows, convinced Zoo Records to strike a deal with Dogstar. The songs, written by Brett Domrose, are available on iTunes. According to its biography on the Apple page, the band was more popular for the people who were in it, rather than the recordings it created. The debut album called “Our Little Visionary” was released in 1996. According to Rob, the band was still mature when the first album came out.

Keanu Reeves was equally busy in acting while playing for the band. But, he was yet to make it big in Hollywood. His progress was steady. He would later play the lead in the 1999 science fiction film The Matrix, written and directed by The Wachowskis. This film made him a huge star. He continued acting and music together. It was during this time when Jon Bon Jovi asked Dogstar to be a part of his tours in Australia and New Zealand. Rob told VICE’s music channel Noisey that their band opening up for Bon Jovi was the “oddest pairing.”

The band Keanu Reeves was in took part in a Jon Bon Jovi Tour

The band Keanu Reeves was in was just a bar band from LA. Rob feels Bon Jovi gave them the opportunity because of Keanu Reeves. He believes it had a lot to do with the singer’s desire to become an actor. While Keanu was managing both the roles well, he might have inspired Bon Jovi to try the same. According to Rob, it was a “generous” of him to give the band a chance to perform in his tours.

During a Jon Bon Jovi tour in New Zealand, Keanu Reeves’ band was asked to leave the hotel they were staying in, because the Queen was staying there. Even Bon Jovi was asked to leave the hotel. All of them were accommodated near Auckland. The young band had the chance to drink wine and play tennis with Bon Jovi. They also had a chance to interact with David Bowie.

After the Bon Jovi tour, it was David Bowie who asked the band to open up a show for him at the Hollywood palladium. Rob became nervous about it and thought they were given a chance because of Keanu Reeves. However, he was surprised to hear Bowie say that he heard some of their music. “Pretty cool,” David Bowie said about their music. Anyway, the crowd did not take it well at first when Dogstar opened up the show. But, it was quite successful at the end.

The band Keanu Reeves was in broke up, as Rob wanted to “different music.” Even though they had tours in Japan for five times and in Europe twice, the band did not continue. Keanu also became a huge star by then. He might not have been much impressed with his efforts in the band. In an interview with Esquire, Keanu talked about Dogstar. “I played in a band for a few years. But I was dumb,” he said.

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