Is Mark Cuban 2020 Possible? Or, Is It George Clooney-Trump Face-off In 2020?

A Mark Cuban 2020 presidential campaign is a real possibility for many. Some Democrats, on the other hand, are expecting a George Clooney, Trump Face-off in the next presidential election. What is more intriguing is that people have already started speculating about the most suitable candidate to beat Donald Trump, even though the 45th U.S. president is just a few weeks into his tenure. One of the reasons why people are considering Cuban as a potential candidate is that the billionaire businessman has talked about it in the past.

Way back in 2015, Cuban talked about his possible run for president. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Mark Cuban For President?

Way back in 2015, Cuban talked about his possible run for president. He said he could beat both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The Dallas Mavericks owner talked in detail about his plan for a presidential run. According to him, he has all the capabilities to become a “three-comma POTUS—as in $1,000,000,000.” When CNBC asked him if he could run for president, he called it a “fun idea.”

“If I ran as a Dem, I know I could beat Hillary Clinton. And if it was me vs. Trump, I would crush him. No doubt about it.”

Mark Cuban, Donald Trump Twitter Feud

The possibility of a Mark Cuban 2020 presidential campaign is not talked about again because of a recent twitter feud between Cuban and the U.S. president. On February 12, Trump posted a tweet that was an apparent reaction to Cuban’s possible presidential campaign in 2020. Trump claims that he knows Cuban well. “He backed me big-time but I wasn’t interested in taking all of his calls,” he wrote. And then, he gave his opinion about his fellow businessman running for president.

“He’s not smart enough to run for president!”

Cuban, at first, laughed it off on social media. However, he talked about Trump in his tweets later on. “It’s a waste of time to try to turn Pinocchio into a real President,” he wrote in one of his tweets. He also asked people to accept Trump “for who he is.”

“He is entertaining. He is oblivious. He isn’t smart enough to be dangerous.”

It was the “dangerous” possibility of a Mark Cuban 2020 presidential campaign that prompted Trump to talk about Cuban, the business mogul told the Huffington Post. “Someone close to him told me it was a nypost article saying I was a 2020 threat,” Cuban said.

Meanwhile, people have also started talking about the possibility of a face-off in 2020 between George Clooney and Donald Trump.

Does George Clooney have all the capabilities to beat Trump in 2020? [Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images for MPTF]

George Clooney, Trump Face-off In 2020?

According to The New Statesman, George Clooney has all the capabilities to beat Trump in 2020. Clooney’s “decent political values” as well as his care for various issues apparently make him a potential candidate. The article also gives a number of reasons why Clooney is a great match for Trump. Since no traditional politician had any idea about beating Trump’s image in 2016, Clooney’s Hollywood persona might do the trick for the Democrats.

No matter if a George Clooney, Trump face-off takes place in 2020, the Hollywood actor has already shown that he does not hesitate to take a stand when required. He recently commented about Donald Trump’s tweet about Hollywood veteran Meryl Streep. Trump called Streep “overrated” after she gave a pro-immigration speech at the Golden Globes. “Aren’t you supposed to be running the country?” Clooney asked Trump sarcastically.

Donald Trump Impeachment

It is too early to talk about who is going to run against Donald Trump in 2020. Some believe America might need someone to replace Trump. These are the people who believe in the possibility of a Donald Trump impeachment. According to the Huffington Post, there are multiple ways to impeach Trump, in case Congress decides to do so.

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