Donald Trump Impeachment Anthem Goes Viral

The “Donald Trump Impeachment Anthem” is going viral, much to the surprise of creator Cymere Lasean Nobles. In early February, Cymere recorded himself singing the parody song and posted it on his Facebook page. Fewer than 10 days later, the video was shared by more than 84,000 users and viewed more than 4 million times.

Cymere Nobles’ “Donald Trump Impeachment Anthem” is one of several music videos posted on the Camden, New Jersey, native’s Facebook page. Although many of the songs are originals, others, including the viral sensation, are parodies of other songs.

The “Impeachment Anthem” is sung to the music from Fergie’s 2000 hit “Glamorous.” However, Cymere Nobles wrote his own lyrics — which suggest President Donald Trump should be kicked out of the White House and impeached.

As evidenced by the popularity of Nobles’ “Impeachment Anthem” video, news and rumors about Donald Trump’s impeachment have become increasingly popular in recent weeks.

Most recently, Bipartisan Report suggested the “impeachment process” against Trump had already begun. However, the news agency was simply referring to a Federal Election Commission filing, which sought to establish an “Impeach Trump” political action committee.

Despite the sensational headline, the PAC does not have anything to do with impeaching Donald Trump. Instead, it will allow petitioner Boyd Roberts to raise money in the name of the committee. Although Roberts has vowed to work toward Trump’s impeachment, the PAC does not guarantee that he will ever be in a position to do so.

As stated in the Constitution of the United States of America, which is provided by the Cornell University Law School, there are several specific reasons a president may be impeached.

“The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

As reported by Info Please, the impeachment process is twofold and requires a formal accusation by the United States House of Representatives and a trial and conviction by the United States Senate.

Since George Washington took office in 1789, only two presidents were impeached; Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. Although both former presidents were technically impeached by the House of Representatives, they were never convicted by the Senate.

It should be noted that former President Richard Nixon was also facing impeachment. However, he resigned before the process was complete.

Fewer than 30 days into his presidency, nearly 900,000 people have signed a petition to impeach President Donald Trump.

According to the petition, which was started by, the grounds for Trump’s impeachment include violations of the U.S. Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause.

The petition specifically states that “the Trump Organization’s extensive business dealings with foreign governments, businesses owned by foreign governments, and other foreign leaders violate” the clause.

Although only lists one potential violation, Huffington Post contributor Attorney Phillip Rotner cites four reasons Donald Trump could be impeached in the next four years.

According to Rotner, Trump’s alleged connections with Russia, disdain for the judiciary, “corrupt business entanglements,” and “lying,” could all be grounds for impeachment.

Although there are no obvious plans for Donald Trump’s impeachment at this time, the controversies and rumors are likely to continue. Amid the ongoing turmoil, Cymere Lasean Nobles starred in and produced a parody music video expressing his own opinion on the subject.

Nobles’ “Donald Trump Impeachment Anthem” went viral within days after it was posted on social media sites, including Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. However, it gained international attention, and millions of views, after it was shared on the Occupy Democrats Facebook page. Although he was stunned by his instant stardom, Cymere is taking advantage of the opportunity to promote his other work, which includes an album titled Domestic Violence Vol. 1.

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