Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Racist With One Punch [Video]

Phoenix Jones, leader of a ten-member citizen crime prevention group called the Rain City Superhero Movement, recently got into a fistfight with a drunken man who began shouting racial epithets. Jones and his fellow superheroes called 911 and tried to walk away, but when the man threatened to follow Jones home, he agreed to fight the aggressor.

Jones — whose real name is Benjamin Fodor — told Dori Monson:

“I’m not going to let someone follow me to my house. I’m not letting some guy who’s violent with other people follow me home. It’s not going to happen. If it had just been about him calling me the N-word, I would have walked it off, like I told the cops. It was just, the cop had said he was going to let that guy follow me. No one is going to follow me.”

Seattle Police Department Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said:

“I can guarantee you that if our officers would have gone in there to get that party moved along, and if they would have refused, there probably would have been some sort of forced response there. Then the conversation would be second guessing officers for being too heavy handed with people that have been drinking.”

What the aggressor didn’t know is that Jones holds an 11-0-0 record in unsanctioned amateur MMA fights, and a 4-0-0 professional fight record. He goes by the fight moniker “Fear the Flattop.”

At roughly 6:30 in the video below, Jones and the man begin to fight. After dancing around his opponent and throwing a few kicks, Jones knocks the man out with one punch at around the 7:17 mark.

Jones told Monson that he could have seriously injured or killed his opponent given his MMA training. But, he said, he was legally justified to fight the man under Washington State’s “mutual combat law.” The law states that single combat is a legal means of settling a dispute.

Whitcomb said no charges were filed because there was no crime, and the opponent declined medical assistance after the fight.

“No victim, no suspect, no crime,” Whitcomb said.

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