Tinder Stabbing Victim Knifed 11 Times And Doused In Gasoline By Former Suitor

A doctor in Australia has recalled in graphic detail the day she nearly died after a user of Tinder stabbed her multiple times following the end of their relationship.

Gynecologist and OB/GYN trainee Dr. Angela Jay says she was at her Magnolia Close home near Port Macquarie off of Sydney last year on November 6 when Paul Lambert, 36, approached her from inside the residence and began assaulting her. According to Dr. Jay, Lambert’s rage was being targeted at her for rebuffing his advances after she began dating him two months previous after meeting through the popular dating app, before deciding not to take the relationship further.

A report from the New York Post explains that after dumping Lambert, Dr. Jay, an American-born resident of the continent, began receiving several threatening text messages from her former suitor.

“Your (sic) not safe in that house,” one of the texts relayed, as noted by court documents that the victim offered in hopes of being granted a restraining order.

“I have some of the house keys.”

A latter message from Lambert dictated how he had been planning to “jump in front of a train” if Dr. Jay didn’t take him back, and at one time, outright specified of the danger that would befall her if she didn’t heed to his romantic offerings.

“I need you to understand this is my good side right now. The good side won’t last long,” Lambert expressed through the text.

“Especially [with] being rejected,” he concluded.

After continuing to barrage his former girlfriend with messages of varying threats and outlandish thoughts, Dr. Jay relented and decided to give Paul another chance, but that redo didn’t last for long.

“After attending a function together,” the Post report notes, “the young doctor could not take any more. She left the function and fled to her sister’s house, but Lambert turned up unannounced ‘a couple of times’ through the night.”

His harassment of Dr. Jay continued onto the next day where the obsessed financial worker dialed her up at least 50 times to demand that she renege on her second goodbye to their relationship. When that didn’t work out, Lambert purportedly followed her around for two days near her home and job, before finally breaking into her residence and lying in wait for her to return from a night shift at the hospital.

“I looked down at my legs and saw [the] stab wounds [after the attack] and thought, ‘My God, he’s going to kill me,” Dr. Jay remembered of that night.

“I’m going to bleed to death. I put pressure on my leg using my hand, all the time thinking, ‘I need to get out of here.'”

As she tried to escape, Lambert allegedly then began pouring a container of gas all over Dr. Jay’s heavy-injured body.

“[That actually] gave me extra strength to run,” she explained, while also noting that she almost tripped in the slick mixture of blood and flammable liquid that had pooled on the floor underneath her.

She was able to make it out of her front door and to a neighbor’s abode, who allowed her inside and called for help. Police came to the rescue and chased down Lambert, who led them on a 100-mile chase in his car along the eastern coastline of Australia, and shot him soon after, effectively killing him at Bonville’s Pacific Highway.

Dr. Jay, meanwhile, was admitted to a nearby hospital, where she remained for several weeks and was eventually told of Lambert’s demise by fellow medical workers. Admittedly, she wasn’t too upset over the news.

Police were able to chase down Paul Lambert, the Tinder stabbing suspect, to Pacific Highway in Bonville, where he was shot and killed. [Image by Fotosleuth/Wikimedia Creative Commons Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]

“I’m glad he’s dead,” she stated, as the Daily Mail adds.

“I cried tears of relief when the police told me. I feel an overwhelming sense of shame and embarrassment that I didn’t see it coming.”

Now months later, Dr. Jay hopes that her harrowing tale will help others who may be involved in domestically violent relationships to find a way out sooner. As a way to honor that goal, she recently revealed on her personal Facebook page that would be taking part in a hiking challenge organized by White Ribbon Australia, an anti-domestic violence charity.

“Three months ago today, I was almost murdered and set on fire in my own home,” the Tinder stabbing victim posted, “[and now], I feel compelled to do everything in my power to put an end to such violence. No one deserves to live in fear.”

[Featured Image by Leon Neal/Getty Images]

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