Ariana Grande Merchandise Almost Sold Out Online For Dangerous Woman Tour

Ariana Grande kicked off her Dangerous Woman tour this month, and now has her tour merchandise available online. Fans are quite clearly head over heels and are seen all over Twitter sporting Ariana Grande’s tour wear.

Ariana Grande’s tour merchandise that was recently added to her online store is now almost all sold out or out of stock.

Ariana’s 2017 tour started on February 3, in Phoenix, Arizona. Other tour dates listed on her website are only shown through July 2017 but feature many locations in Europe as well.

The best part about being able to buy Ariana Grande’s tour merchandise online means that you no longer have to wait in long lines at her concert. It also means that you no longer even need to attend Ariana’s concert to be able to get your hands on one of her sweatshirts.

Thankfully, Ariana Grande was thinking of her fashionably trendy fans when her online store pieces were chosen. Ariana Grande’s tour merchandise has previously featured popular fashion trends like crop tops and even jewelry pieces like chokers. Currently, in Ariana’s online store, only t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and a baseball cap are available for purchase. Her CD is also available for purchase.

Gone are the days of the pop princess’s good girl vibe. Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman tour merchandise begs you to take her seriously, and for good reason. Using only pink, red, white and black, Ariana’s tour clothing line is bold and beautifully understated.

This refreshing take on her tour merchandise will certainly leave fans wanting more. Ariana’s sleek, minimalist design practically beg you to take one more glance, just to make sure you have not missed anything.

This minimalist design is seen most prominently on the tour’s plain white crew neck t-shirts, with the small words “dangerous woman” in a nondescript, almost boring, font across the front chest area. Ariana wore this shirt herself last year at this time, and in doing so, launched the reveal of her tour merchandise.


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A similar shirt that was featured as a new item in her online shop are two black crew neck t-shirts featuring the words in the same font: “forever girl” and “forever boy.”

Ariana Grande tour t-shirts start at $30 with sweatshirt prices hovering around $60. Ariana’s most popular sweatshirt “Zero Effs Crew Neck Sweatshirt” is completely sold out.

The singer’s iconic shiny bunny ears are seen on a few of Ariana Grande’s tour merchandise pieces. It is featured on both t-shirts and crew neck sweatshirts, so you can buy both and be ready for any occasion.

Ariana Grande has featured many of her tour merchandise pieces on her Instagram account, as featured above, pairing many of her items with acid-washed jeans, and sky-high patent leather heels. Her carefully curated images feature Ariana’s new feel: dangerous woman, indeed.

Concert tour clothing lines have become popular over the last few years. With the ever-growing popularity of tour merchandise, fans can easily sport their favorite singers or bands, all while supporting a celebrity’s brand.

This booming trend of popularizing tour merchandise is most commonly known through Justin Beiber. His Purpose tour merchandise was sold at Forever 21, Barney’s, and even Urban Outfitters.

Ariana Grande has yet to start selling her tour merchandise to popular clothing stores. Her clothing comes in unisex sizes, and many feature a size range of S through XL. Since the launch of her online store, many of the items that are available online are sold out. There are still a few pre-order items available and will ship at the end of February.

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