February 16, 2017
'Namor Sub-Mariner' Movie Teased For Marvel Studios' Oahu Location?

A Namor The Submariner movie has been in discussions since 2004 back when Universal Studios had the rights to him. Now, a Twitter post made by the Reel News Hawaii account teased something regarding some hopeful news of this dual-role anti-hero and the DC character of Aquaman. This makes sense since the location is out in the deep Pacific Ocean regardless of competing studios. As of now, this is only a rumor.

This Twitter source was also the same one that revealed that Marvel TV's Inhumans would be filmed at the newly bought Naval base in Kalaeloa, Hawaii. Also, it was mentioned that the same location could be used as a filming venue for the "unannounced Submariner" movie.

Consider the fact that this Naval location was reported good to go for the Inhumans, and this gives the studio a way to explore moving forward with a Namor movie.

As mentioned before, Universal Studios was setting up for a Namor movie since 2004, and it was set to be penned by The Haunting's David Self. The film was projected for release in 2007, according to a 2013 Comic Book Brain Splatter article. Chris Columbus would have directed, but he dropped out. Terminator 3's Jonathan Mostow was set to replace him, but then the project just fell flat.

It had been around eight years, and the character still stuck with Universal, according to Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige. In 2014, the rights came back to Marvel Studios, but there were still some roadblocks to consider.

The film was said to be cost prohibitive for Marvel Studios. That is quite unusual considering how successful they have been. Finally, last year, Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada confirmed Namor's placement in Marvel Studios, according to Fatman on Batman with Kevin Smith.

Joe clarified the complexities of bringing this character on board compared to the ease of which other characters were brought in.

"Yes, but it's slightly more complicated than that, Let's put it this way – there are entanglements that make it less easy. There are older contracts that still involve other parties that mean we need to work things out before we move forward on it. As opposed to an Iron Man or any of the Avengers or any of the other Marvel characters where we could just put them in."
Although Marvel Studios has the Namor character now, there's no discussion of a movie at this time, according to MCU Exchange. The tweet does make it sound promising that it could mean the wheels are turning. But it's just a single tweet.

If Marvel Studios is planning on a Namor movie, keep in mind there are three untitled flicks that have release dates scheduled. May 2020, July 2020, and November 2020, according to Den of Geek. Which slot do you think Namor might turn up in if they him give the green light?

It may be possible that the movies scheduled beyond 2018 are being kept under wraps because Feige would consider them spoilers should anything be said about them. This would make sense as this correlates with the trifecta of 2020 untitled movies.

The nature of Namor having been in both good and bad alignments makes him a bit of a wildcard. As anti-hero, he's performed mainly to serve his self-interests. His niche would likely be best suited beyond that of the untitled fourth Avengers movie. He's quite the the adversary and has good amount of story potential as he has historically existed in the comic books for around 75 years. So there is plenty of content to be had.

What do you think? Do you think a post-Infinity War adversary would be promising as Marvel Studios pushes ahead with their ever-expanding list of future films?

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]