Curse Of Oak Island Series Finale: Legendary Buried Treasure Found? [Spoilers]

The Curse of Oak Island season finale of Season 4 is airing next week, and fans are curious if the Lagina Brothers have found the island’s mythical buried pirate treasure, or if they are, at the very least, any closer to finding it. So what can fans expect to see when the season finale airs?

For those not familiar with the show, Curse of Oak Island follows the adventure of Michigan businessmen, the Lagina Brothers, as they dig for buried pirate treasure on Oak Island, off the coast of Canada. Legend holds that the pirate, Captain Kidd, buried treasure on the Nova Scotia island and then cursed it.

According to legend, the Oak Island treasure won’t be found until seven men have died searching for it. As of this writing, six men have died searching for the mythical treasure. Meanwhile, for 220 years, search teams have torn up the island, sunk untold amounts of money into finding the treasure, and found naught but a few clues, including some bones here, a few links of a gold chain there, and some planks of wood with strange markings. But no buried pirate treasure.

During four seasons, The Curse of Oak Island has followed the Lagina Brothers as they’ve poured time, effort, and most importantly, money, into their search for the mythical pirate treasure. Over the course of their exploration, they’ve found several tantalizing clues, but no treasure.

Spoiler warning: Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened on the season finale.

So, will the brothers finally find the buried treasure in the season finale next week? The answer is no; they will not.

If the Lagina Brothers (or any Oak Island treasure hunters) had found the treasure, you’d have known about it. It would have been all over the news, as finding millions of dollars in legendary treasure is a newsworthy event. And since the news isn’t accountable to spoilers and TV production schedules, the news media wouldn’t have waited until the season finale aired to share the news of the treasure being found.

So what, if anything, will the Lagina Brothers find on the season finale? Most likely, not much. Throughout Curse of Oak Island‘s four-season history, each episode has been devoted to background exposition, recaps of previous episodes and the narrator trying valiantly to tie the treasure to just about any legend the show’s writers can think of.

Very little footage has been devoted to the brothers finding anything of substance, such as clues, let alone actual treasure.

The fact that Curse of Oak Island has spent four seasons devoted to the Lagina Brothers’ team not finding buried treasure is starting to wear on the show’s fans. Over on the Monsters and Critics comments section, fans are showing their displeasure at the same footage being rehashed over and over again.

Kyle Carmean: “I watch this show every week but it seems there is only 5 minutes of actual new things and the rest are just recaps of everything and it’s so annyoing. The narrator drives me nuts. “an X-shaped mark, could this be the same mark left by the templars” 99% of this show is speculation and myth, give me some actual facts.”

The Lagina Brothers’ failure to dig up any treasure is also becoming a problem for the show’s producers. Fans have watched the team not find any treasure for four seasons, and The History Channel will only tolerate them not finding the treasure for so much longer. Especially, if fans start jumping ship (so to speak).

The Curse of Oak Island season finale airs Tuesday, February 21, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on The History Channel.

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