The Weeknd Net Worth Vs Selena Gomez Net Worth: Richest Celebrities In America?

When discussing The Weeknd’s net worth and Selena Gomez’s net worth, it’s worth noting that these two artists might be among the richest celebrities in America. These are two of the highest-paid music stars in the industry. The Weeknd’s earning potential increased as fast as his fame. Selena, on the other hand, was a Disney star in her childhood. Her progress has been gradual.

The Weeknd’s Career

The Weeknd, who happens to celebrate his birthday February 16, appeared in the professional music arena in March of 2011. Abel Tesfaye from Toronto became The Weeknd, as he released House of Balloons, a nine-track mixtape. It received a huge response, which encouraged him to release his second mixtape, Thursday, later that year.

By the end of 2011, he had one more mixtape, Echoes of Silence. In November of 2012, he signed with Universal Republic to release his first album, Trilogy, which featured the three mixtapes and three new songs. His most recent tracks include “Earned It,” which featured in Fifty Shades of Grey. It sold over 5 million copies. His multi-platinum hits like “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” sold seven million copies.

The Weeknd net worth stands at $55 million

The Weeknd’s Net Worth

According to Forbes’ list of 100 richest celebrities in 2016, The Weeknd’s net worth stands at $55 million. Even though he holds a Canadian passport, he stays in Los Angeles. This makes him one of the richest celebrities in America as well. While most of his earnings come from music, he has some business ventures as well. The Weeknd partnered with Puma to become a creative collaborator and the company’s s new Global Brand ambassador. In its “Runs the Streets” video, Puma says, “The Weeknd knows how to hustle,” indicating his fast success.

“He never stops moving forward. And he never forgets where he started.”

Selena Gomez’s Career

Selena Gomez became a star in her childhood. When she was 15, Forbes included her in the list of “Eight Hot Kid Stars to Watch.” According to the website, Selena was a “multitalented teen.” She proved her capabilities both in music and in acting. She started her career in the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place. In recent times, she acted in movies like The Big Short, In Dubious Battle, and Behaving Badly. Her music career flourished, but she struggled to reach the top. Her childhood friend Taylor Swift and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber became saw much more success. She won Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist at the 2016 American Music Awards.

Selena Gomez's net worth is just $22 million

Selena Gomez’s Net Worth

Selena’s net worth is way lower than other music stars like Swift and Bieber. While Taylor Swift’s net worth is $250 million and Justin Bieber’s net worth is $200 million, Selena Gomez’s net worth is just $22 million, according to COED. However, according to the Gazette Review, her net worth has grown to be $46 million in 2017.

The Weeknd’s Net Worth Vs. Selena Gomez’s Net Worth

Even though Selena Gomez has been a star since childhood, her net worth is lower than The Weeknd’s net worth. The Weeknd managed to earn more than in just a few years. However, both these stars are way behind when it comes to other stars in music. Selena is not among the Forbes’ list of “World’s Highest-Paid Women In Music 2016.” Taylor Swift tops the list, while other female celebs like Adele and Madonna hold the next two spots respectively.

The Weeknd, however, makes it to Forbes’ list of “World’s Highest-Paid Men In Music 2016.” His net worth is bigger than Drake ($38.5 million), Elton John ($42 million), and Jay Z ($53.5 million).

Richest Celebrities In America

None of these two makes it to the list of richest celebrities in America, which consists of some of the big names in entertainment. George Lucas ($4.6 billion) tops the MSN list, while Steven Spielberg ($3.7 billion), Oprah Winfrey ($2.8 billion), and Michael Jordan ($1.2 billion) grab the top positions. Top music personalities who make it to the list of richest celebrities in America are Diddy ($750 million), Dr. Dre ($710 million), Jay Z ($610 million), Madonna ($560 million), Jimmy Buffett ($550 million), Bruce Springsteen ($460 million), Jon Bon Jovi ($410 million), and Barbra Streisand ($370 million).

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