Huge ‘Conan Exiles’ Patch Hits Alongside Test Servers

Conan Exiles has received numerous patches since it was released a week and a half ago. None of them compare to what hit the PC open-world survival title on Wednesday, though. Funcom released the biggest patch yet to address numerous issues from performance to NPC spawning to crafting experience, and more. The first test server was also released to give future patches a broader testing than is currently available.

Owners of Conan Exiles should see the game updated to version 15.2.2017 with Wednesday’s patch. Funcom posted the lengthy patch notes to Steam, which are far too long to share in this article.

The highlights include improved loading times for both the game and buildings when joining a server. Additionally, the developers promise less jittery NPCs and placeable items correctly saving to foundations and ceiling pieces.

Some NPCs also received their first visual update in the game. The Dog of the Desert faction are now sporting some new clothes. These will eventually be available for players to craft in a future update.

[Image by Funcom]

Those on multiplayer servers will be happy hear building around NPC camps is now restricted. This is to prevent players from blocking NPCs from spawning in the camps, which hurts others’ ability to turn these characters into Thralls for defense and crafting. Additionally, small placeable items will no longer allow individuals or clans to claim land.

Speaking of placing items, Funcom added a small arrow to point out the front-facing side of many items. This is to prevent some crafted objects from accidentally being placed down the wrong way.

Bows and arrows also received a first past at both bug squashing and gameplay balancing. Arrows will no longer fire off in random directions and all ranged weapons should fire correctly now. Additionally, the range of both the Simple Bow and Hyrkanian Bow has been increased. Crossbows, on the other hand, see their range reduced in exchange for an increased rate of fire.

Palisades were also tweaked to stop issues with placing them and them not causing damage. A fix for tier two Altars has also been put in place along with the Offering of Mitra recipe.

Musicians who enjoy banging gongs and blowing horns will be happy to know they can be heard over longer distances.

Crafting in Conan Exiles
[Image by Funcom]

Many Conan Exiles players may have noticed that the black rocks in the starting desert area were not harvestable. This update changes it. Additionally, newer players have been turned away from the starter caves by the stat draining effects of Corruption. Those have been removed, but Corruption still remains for the more difficult caves.

Exiles will also be happy to know crafting is now more rewarding. Funcom increased crafting experience gains across all tiers. Higher tier items will grant even more experience.

It is worth noting this patch does come with some issue. Players are experiencing issues filling waterskins in rivers plus those in single-player cannot see the preview of placing objects down.

Funcom has taken steps to ensure future patches are less likely to introduce new bugs in the future by launching a “testlive” server. This is similar to the Public Test Servers for games like Overwatch or World of Warcraft where the Conan Exiles community will be able to test changes out for themselves and provide feedback to the developers.

Those interested in joining Testlive should take the following steps when viewing their Steam library:

  • Right Click on Conan Exiles.
  • Select “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Betas” tab.
  • From the drop down menu select, “Testlive.”
  • Close the window.
  • Steam should automatically download Testlive. Once it’s done, run the game. You’re now running the Testlive build of Conan Exiles.
  • If you want to go back to the MAIN build just repeat the steps above and choose “NONE” in the drop down list in the “Betas” tab.

Server admins of an unofficial dedicated server can download the testlive patches to try out for themselves. This does come with some risk, however, as these builds are buffy and could corrupt server databases and force a wipe to start over.

[Featured Image by Funcom]