Bodies Of Two Missing Indiana Teens Found, Police Suspect Homicide

Indiana teens 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams went missing on Monday afternoon; on Tuesday, their bodies were found less than a mile from where they were last seen. The girls had reportedly been dropped off at the location to go for a hike. The teens’ disappearance was reported when the pair didn’t show up to meet the family members who had arranged to pick them up.

After the girls were reported missing by distraught family members, police officers from departments stretching from Fort Wayne to Lowell, Indiana, turned out to help in the search efforts. In addition to a handful of law enforcement agencies, an impressive number of local volunteers also turned out to help find the teens and bring them home safely.

The search for the girls began near an abandoned bridge where they’d been dropped off on Monday afternoon, near Delphi’s Deer Creek. The bodies of the missing Indiana teens were found on Tuesday, roughly three-quarters of a mile from where they’d been dropped off, reports Fox News.

Police are investigating the girls’ deaths as a double homicide, the first double homicide in the history of Carroll County. Law enforcement has yet to release the cause or manner of the Indiana teens’ deaths. Spokespersons for the department have cited the ongoing investigation as the reason for withholding the information.

According to investigators, the missing teens’ bodies were found on private property just 50 or so yards from the creek. Autopsies have already been conducted on the teens, and Fox 59 reports that it was through those autopsies that positive identification of the bodies was achieved.

Sheriff Tobe Leazenby says that while no arrests have been made nor suspects named in the horrific case of the missing Indiana teens, they don’t believe that there is a threat to the community.

“There is someone out there that did this crime and we’re going to track them down. Folks should continue with business as usual but be more mindful and watch your surroundings a little closer.”

Other officers concurred with the sheriff’s advice in the wake of the discovery of the missing Indiana teens’ bodies on Tuesday. According to Sergeant Kim Riley, in addition to being aware of their surroundings, parents need to keep an eye on their children, and know “what’s going on in their lives,” even if their children are teens.

“I think people need to be cautious and careful. Parents should make sure they know where their children are and what their children are doing, and if nothing else, know what’s going on in their lives. That’s the most important thing I can say at this point in time.”

The apparent murders of the missing Indiana teens has reportedly shaken the tiny community of Delphi, a town with only around 3,000 residents, to its core. The local school system is also taking some steps to protect its students following the heartbreaking news that two had their lives cut short by an unsolved double homicide.

Superintendent Gregory Briles of Delphi Community schools has made counselors available for all staff and students in need on Wednesday. At Delphi Community Middle School, where deceased Indiana teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams were students, all activities have been cancelled for the week.

The school is also reportedly increasing security, at least until police make an arrest (or arrests) in the case or release details that confirm that there is no further risk to the community.

Tobe Leazenby, the Carroll County sheriff, spoke to the community and media about the discovery of the missing Indiana teens’ bodies by way of a news conference. He vowed that the case would be solved and the perpetrator of the horrific crime brought to justice.

“It is disturbing. We’re going to get to the bottom of this. We’re confident of that…. And bring justice.”

Investigators working the double homicide case are also asking the public for their help. Anyone who was in the area where the missing Indiana teens’ bodies were on Monday has been asked to to contact either the Indiana State Police or Carroll County Sheriff’s Department immediately, particularly if they may have taken photographs.

[Featured Image by Carroll County Sheriff’s Department]

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