Donald Trump Impeachment Odds: How Likely Is It To Happen As Petitions Grow?

President Donald Trump has officially been in office now for almost a month, but the main discussion has been about removing him. Numerous petitions are going around online, and even in person, to get signatures so that the American people can have enough attention brought to their demands. As the movements continue to gain steam and some surpass more than one million signatures, what are the odds that he will likely and actually be impeached?

As reported by the Metro, the president’s controversial travel ban, cabinet member choices, and a number of his executive orders have the public in an uproar. They not only want nothing to do with him, but they want him to have nothing to do with the way the country is governed.

The main online petition is on a website called Impeach Donald Trump Now, and as of Wednesday afternoon, it had surpassed more than 864,000 signatures. The organizers say they are “calling for the House Committee on the Judiciary to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist” to take him out of his position.

But, what are the odds that it can actually happen?

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The process of impeachment is one that the website details to let the world know exactly how and why it could be done to the current president. In their minds, Trump has done enough to merit having these movements brought against him and for him to be taken out of office.

The U.S. Constitution vests the power to impeach in the House of Representatives, while charging the Senate with the power to try impeachments. The House votes whether to bring the charge, and the Senate tries the case. The House vote is by simple majority, but the Senate requires a two-thirds majority to convict.

The grounds for impeachment are: “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Now, there are petitions created all the time for different reasons, and some of them are quite serious while others are created to help get a canceled TV show back on the air. There is not a huge success rate with many of them, but there are those which make it through the cracks and end up getting a lot more attention than ever expected.

This situation calls for more attention as it deals with the leader of the United States, but what are the odds that he will actually be removed from office? According to Pop Sugar, the gamblers are not looking at a very long-term for the 45th president.

Ladbrokes is a British oddsmaker, and the chances of “The Don” leaving office by impeachment or resignation are all listed and updated almost daily. Here are the current odds by year:

  • 2017 – 5/2
  • 2018 – 9/2
  • 2019 – 8/1
  • 2020 – 16/1
  • 2021 – 2/1

There are many other odds on the books, though, and some have to wonder just how close to accurate they may actually be.

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Here are some of the other odds regarding the current presidency:

  • To serve full term – 4/5
  • To leave office via impeachment or resignation before end of first term – EVENS

Bovada is actually taking bets on if the president will make it through his first term where a $180 bet will win you $100 if you end up being correct. Right now, the betting odds are more in your favor to vote against him remaining in office than actually finishing out his entire presidency.

Politico reports that considering there is a Republican control of Congress right now, impeachment is a bit of a remote possibility for at least two years. With his polling numbers going down, though, things are starting to look bad for Trump, and that brings the odds up more with each passing day.

Donald Trump is set to have at least four years in office as the President of the United States, but many Americans are working to have him out long before that. If he’s going to be impeached, there is a good bit of work to do, and the movements with millions of signatures are a great way for them to start. One never knows what will happen, but the gamblers are not placing strong money on him lasting long as the betting odds are strictly against him.

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