‘The Bachelor’ Fans Slam ABC For Rachel Lindsay ‘The Bachelorette’ Annoucement

Rachel Lindsay has already been announced as the next bachelorette weeks before The Bachelor Season 21 is set to wrap up, and the premature announcement has fans fuming.

A number of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fans took to Twitter to blast ABC, slamming the network for “ruining” the end of the current season of the dating show by revealing Lindsay’s news too early.

Rachel is actually still in the running to become Nick Viall’s final choice on The Bachelor in the timeline of the show, despite ABC already announcing this week that she won’t be the woman winning Nick’s heart, which has furious fans and questioning why the network opted to reveal the next bachelorette news so early.

Notably, it took months for ABC to confirm Nick would be the next bachelor following JoJo Fletcher’s stint on The Bachelorette last year, though sources are claiming the network decided to send out the spoiler that Rachel won’t be ending up with Nick so early in a desperate attempt to prevent information from leaking.

According to Entertainment Tonight, ABC are heading straight into production with Rachel for Season 13 of The Bachelorette after The Bachelor Season 21 wraps on ABC next month and knew that if the announcement wasn’t made immediately, the details of Rachel’s new role would leak as Nick continues his search for a wife.


“The early announcement of Rachel as the season 13 Bachelorette was done due to the fact that production is starting soon after Nick’s season of The Bachelor wraps up its finale on March 13,” the site revealed of the extremely premature Bachelorette announcement, which marks the earliest reveal of a bachelor or bachelorette in the reality show’s history.

“Because of the timing and the desire to cast the best bachelors they can find, the network needed to make the announcement on Monday,” added Entertainment Tonight of the big news that Rachel will be searching for love after missing out on marrying Nick, as the big announcement was made following The Bachelor on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on February 13.

As Bachelor fans saw in the most recent installment, Nick Viall and Rachel Lindsay enjoyed a romantic date by the beach during the episode that aired on February 13 and Viall even discussed joining Lindsay on the reality show’s infamous hometown dates as the two kissed, just hours before ABC confirmed that Rachel will be looking for love on The Bachelorette.

Fans were then quick hit back at The Bachelor after it was confirmed that Rachel is not the lady who Nick gets down on one knee for, taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations by slamming ABC for “ruining” the ending of the current season after Viall appeared to be pretty happy with Lindsay.

'The Bachelor' fans slam ABC for "ruining" Nick Viall's season
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“Who even cares about Rachel’s one on one now… ABC already ruined it. SHE GON! #TheBachelor #BachelorNation #BachelorMonday,” Bachelor fan @bachelrblogette tweeted out of Lindsay’s Bachelorette announcement, while @MzSarahAllison tweeted that they were “so excited” to see Lindsay look for love after Viall “but so upset that the finale of The Bachelor is basically ruined.”

“Ok why would they announce the bachelorette they literally ruined the ending of The Bachelor,” @iayat44 wrote of their frustrations over Rachel’s premature reveal, and @RSoehnlen hit back at ABC over Bachelorette announcement, “How are they going to reveal the next bachelorette when the bachelor isn’t even over!! Just ruined it for me” alongside an angry emoji.

Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison apologized for the premature announcement of Lindsay’s new gig on Instagram earlier this week, posting a shot of himself with Rachel while telling fans that he was “sorry” the ending of Viall’s current season of The Bachelor was partly ruined.

“I’m sorry about the timing of the announcement. I hate that anything was ruined for #BachelorNation but I’m incredibly excited that [Rachel] is our new #TheBachelorette,” Harris wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself posting with Rachel. “A smart, strong, independent Texan who loves her @dallascowboys What more could a man want?”

What do you think of ABC announcing Rachel Lindsey as the next bachelorette before her fate with Nick Viall on The Bachelor had even played out?

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