NBA Trade Prospects: Carmelo Anthony To The Pacers To Join Paul George

Carmelo Anthony wants out of New York, and it seems like the “city that never sleeps” feel the same way about him. The Knicks are looking to unload Carmelo. However, there is still that issue with his no-trade clause that pretty much complicates things. Anthony has already been reportedly vocal about which teams he preferred to be traded.

Those teams appear to be the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and the Los Angeles Clippers. However, according to Fansided, another trade option might just sway Carmelo Anthony to finally leave the New York Knicks. And that is a trade that will send the superstar to the Indiana Pacers to form a dynamic duo with Paul George.

Carmelo Anthony might just relish at the chance of forming something with an established superstar like Paul George. The two are already familiar with each other from their team USA days and can form one of the best 1-2 punch in the NBA today. Carmelo Anthony is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, while Paul George is so good that he can match Carmelo on the offensive side.

Carmelo Anthony could also help the Indiana Pacers with something that Paul George is very reluctant to do – play power forward. While the Indiana Pacers have tried to use Paul George’s unique abilities to create mismatches at the fourth spot, the Pacers’ wingman has been vocal about his dislike about playing power forward. Carmelo Anthony has no such issues as he has done this quite a number of times in New York.

If Carmelo Anthony plays power forward, then he can be the ultimate stretch four for the Indiana Pacers. Anthony can space the floor with his deadeye three-point shot while Paul George drives to the hoop. Other teams will have headaches on offense while Paul George and Carmelo Anthony take turns in obliterating opposing defenses.

For this trade to work, the Indiana Pacers will have to give up Thaddeus Young, Jeff Teague, and Rodney Stuckey. While the Knicks will have to unload Carmelo Anthony and Brandon Jennings. If this trade happens, then the Indiana Pacers will have the formidable starting lineup of Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, and Myles Turner.

While Carmelo Anthony will be having a hard time defending other power forwards, the combination of Ellis, George, and Myles Turner are more than capable defenders to offset Melo’s defensive woes. One of the biggest x-factors in this line up would be Myles Turner who is slowly becoming a great center with his mix of toughness and offensive prowess.

However, this lineup will probably need some time to perfectly mesh together. Even with Carmelo Anthony, this team would probably not be beefy enough to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers or even the Boston Celtics. The Pacers would probably have to tweak the lineup quite a bit to suit the duo of Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. A good bet is sliding Monta Ellis back to the bench and inserting CJ Miles to play shooting guard.

According to, Carmelo Anthony’s preferred destination is the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, this is pretty much unrealistic unless New York is really desperate to send Carmelo away. The Cavs do not have the assets to entice New York and are unwilling to part with Kevin Love.

The Boston Celtics are not biting to the Carmelo Anthony hype train, and the Clippers will have to gut a good chunk of their bench just to accommodate Carmelo. The veteran must make a choice of whether he wants to play with other stars or risks spending the last years of his prime with a clunky roster like the Knicks. The trade deadline is about to pass, and Carmelo Anthony can look at the Indiana Pacers as a viable option.

[Featured Image by Michael Conroy/AP Images]