'Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi' News: Set Trespassers Leaked Ahch-To Force Tree?

Star Wars Episode 8 -- The Last Jedi debuts at the end of this year and rumors are bound to happen. It's an anticipated film, but it is fun to speculate or come across things on the Internet that are surprising. There had been leaked photos in the past from an island in Northern Ireland taken from a distance, and now someone has actually set foot on set to the point where it would be considered trespassing to do so.

The is the island of Ahch-To, which is where Luke Skywalker is located in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now apparently YouTuber Mike Zeroh revealed a picture of a mysterious looking tree set piece from the set of Longcross Studios in the UK. Photos were taken by a couple of trespassers.

To clarify, this isn't the island location. This is an actual constructed set piece likely to be inserted into the scenes that were shot in Ireland.

This isn't the first time this set photo was leaked. In June of last year, Stormtrooper Larry had posted a photo from the UK set along with a possibly leaked script of The Last Jedi. Most of which entails an encounter with a mysterious tree and their proximity to it as well as its area of influence.

From the sounds of it, there is still a choice to do good or bad, but could it be that this tree offers up a defining moment for those who have the Force within them?

Star Wars: Shattered Empire Sets Up The Last Jedi?

The aforementioned title was mentioned by Slash Film as some kind of tie-in comic to The Force Awakens. This was speculation back in October of 2015 which was about two months before its release date. The story tells of Luke Skywalker's encounter with Poe Dameron's father Kes Dameron and his mother, Shara Bey.

Skywalker gives one of two of these Force trees to her. The other tree Luke decides that "one of them is spoken for." When this was reported, Slash Film mentioned how this second tree could have been possibly reserved for a place of isolation such as the speculated Jedi temple.

Back then, no one knew for sure of such a place, but now it's becoming more apparent, especially once Rey reached Luke at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now, these set leak photos are showing more and more that this could be the case and that tree may be the one synonymous to the Shattered Empire comic book. This prelude publication seems to come before Poe Dameron is all grown.

The same was also speculated by Mike Zeroh.

The Force Tree's Purpose?

If you take a look at the leaked Last Jedi photo, it looks like a far aged tree with a lot of the small branches stripped off only to reveal the thicker part of the trunk and lower extensions. If you compare the Rebellion symbol to that of this tree, there is a similarity in appearance here, and Mike Zeroh questioned that it could have inspired the Rebellion's symbol.

There's also a possibility that was speculated that this tree could be a hub to "information from the past," and this is a relic that Luke Skywalker could be protecting. There's also the likelihood that there is something special about this tree and how it relates to the Jedi temple. The set piece is quite sizeable, and this could be some kind of central focus as well.

Force trees in Star Wars Jedi lore are not one with the Force, but prolonged exposure of objects in a "Force nexus" for long periods of time could impact the object. Some of those who are not even with the Force or not "force sensitive" could utilize Force nexus weapons with relatively decent ability even though they haven't been trained.

Could the Jedi Temple in The Last Jedi be a site of this "Force nexus" and the possible aforementioned "hub" to the Jedi's history?

Case in point, Finn had wielded Luke's lightsaber and was able to hold his own against Kylo Ren and Rey, upon touching it, got a vision by being in contact with it. The latter could very well be the possibility that she's the one with the Force. That said, it could have been just that.

Do you think Star Wars Episode 8 - The Last Jedi will focus on the Jedi's history that date way back before the days of even Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine? How far back in history will Lucasfilm go if they plan on delving into it?

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