Moby Claims He Has Insider Info That GOP Is Plotting To ‘Get Rid Of’ Trump

Electronic musician Moby has claimed in a Facebook post that he has a lot of insider information on Donald Trump, including that the infamous “dirty dossier” is 100 percent real and that the GOP, including top Republicans and the Koch brothers, are trying to “get rid of” Donald Trump due to the President being a drain on the party’s approval ratings and fundraising efforts.

Moby claims he was hanging out with friends who work in Washington D.C. over the past weekend and that he can safely and accurately post with confidence a number of claims regarding Donald Trump. Perhaps the most salacious claim he’s making pertains to his contention that the “dirty dossier,” an alleged leaked document from a former British intelligence officer that claims Putin and the Russians have damaging information on Trump that is related to his visits to Russia on business in the past. According to CNN, the documents famously claim that Trump paid Russian sex workers to urinate on one another, and also detail some potentially damaging financial information about Donald Trump. CNN claims that unnamed U.S. government officials are confirming that some elements of the dossier have been corroborated. White House Press Secretary, Shawn Spicer, described CNN’s claims as “fake news.”

Moby, whose album Play is one of the most successful albums by an electronic music artist of all time, is not known as a political insider, so it’s difficult to characterize his claims as anything more than gossip at this point. He expresses confidence, however, that what he’s saying is totally true.

“I’m writing these things so that when/if these things happen there will be a public record beforehand,” Moby wrote. “These are truly baffling and horrifying times, as we have an incompetent president who is essentially owned by a foreign power.”

Aside from claiming that the Russian dossier is accurate and that the GOP wants to somehow “get rid of” Donald Trump, Moby also claims that intelligence agencies around the world are horrified by the incompetence of the Trump administration, that the Trump administration is in collusion with the Russian government, and that the Trump administration is gearing up for a war, most likely with Iran.

According to the Guardian, Trump’s National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned from his post yesterday, several hours after Moby made his post to Facebook, so at least that element of what he’s saying is at least partially true. However, Flynn was already in hot water over incorrect information given over phone calls he had with a Russian ambassador, so Moby’s claims could be discounted as speculation by those skeptical that the musician truly does have insider details about Donald Trump.

According to a previous Inquisitr article, Moby has been outspoken about his opposition to Donald Trump. Moby once called Trump a “dimwitted, racist, misogynist,” and took part in a PSA demanding Electoral College members not vote for Donald Trump. He also mocked Donald Trump after Trump’s team asked Moby to DJ at one of Trump’s post-inauguration parties.

People will have to decide if they want to believe Moby or not, but at this point his Facebook post amounts to little more than hearsay. But following the resignation of Michael Flynn from the Trump administration, many people are receptive to the idea that high-level corruption in the Trump administration could be very, very real.

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