Raven Gates Reacts Classily To Rachel Lindsay As Bachelorette But Fans Furious

One person who loves that Rachel Lindsay has been chosen to be the next The Bachelorette star is Raven Gates. After it had been revealed that Rachel would be the next woman to try to find love on the popular franchise, Raven reacted to the news with heartfelt congratulations and excitement for Rachel, with whom she apparently got really close while competing for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor. Yet not everyone is happy with the announcement and not only because of the fact that the announcement spoiled the final four on The Bachelor. Many of the show’s viewers are actually outraged that the show’s producers chose Rachel instead of Raven, another fan favorite, as the next Bachelorette.

Raven posted a photo of herself and Rachel hugging one another to her Instagram account. Raven made it clear just how close she and Rachel became while competing for Nick by describing her as her “soul friend.” Raven celebrated the choice of Rachel as the next Bachelorette and declared that she loves her. Pointedly, Raven wrote that she is “ALWAYS” in Rachel’s corner, indicating that there is no jealousy and resentment over Rachel being the next Bachelorette and not her.


Many people left comments on Raven’s post expressing confusion and disappointment over the spoiler since Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor still showed Rachel in competition for Nick. Many people also left comments expressing disappointment that Raven’s not the next woman to hand out the red roses. People told Raven that she should have been picked as the next Bachelorette. People also applauded Raven for such a classy and loving statement, pointing out that such behavior is a good example for young women everywhere, and a good stand against the negativity that others have written regarding the announcement.

Plenty of that negativity was let loose on Mike Fleiss, the franchise’s creator and executive producer. After he had tweeted about the “overwhelming support” for Rachel as the next Bachelorette, he received a barrage of comments stating otherwise.

Many people commented that they wanted Raven as the next Bachelorette.

When another viewer expressed happiness with the choice, another made a seemingly racist comment by stating that Rachel’s contestants will be chosen from the local jails and Section 8 housing. The viewer even called Rachel, who is a lawyer and the daughter of a judge, “Ms. Ghetto.”

Another person said that she and her friends won’t be watching and called Rachel “low class.”

In response to another tweet from Mike regarding the pick, one person implied that Rachel Lindsay was chosen over Raven Gates because of her skin color.

Another said that Rachel’s too boring to watch.

Others started tweeting the hashtag “#NotMyBachelorette.”

With Rachel Lindsay chosen as the next The Bachelorette star, and Raven Gates still in contention for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor, perhaps that means that it’ll be Raven whom Nick proposes to at the end? Even if Raven does get sent home early, maybe viewers will still get to watch her on the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise? On Tuesday night, Mike Fleiss also revealed that there would be additional episodes of the spin-off this summer.

[Featured Image by ABC]