North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un’s Brother Kim Jong-Nam Killed By Female Agents

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother was said to have been killed by two female agents in Malaysia. It was reported that the agents had “poison needles” which did the job per South Korean media outlets, according to The Washington Post. The older half-brother was reported to have been located at the Kuala Lumpur airport on Monday when he was attacked by the two women. The agents were said to had fled the scene via a taxi cab.

These reports could not be immediately verified, but they came from South Korea’s TV Chosun and Korea Broadcasting System. Outlets also reported that he was next on the list to follow Kim Jong-Un as leader, but lost favor in this case because he had faked a passport when attempting to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

The JoongAng Ilbo newspaper reported via an “unidentified government source” that the actions of the two spies attributed the attack having been authorized by the North Korean government.

“I think the two female spies were dispatched by North Korea. They fled in a taxi right after the crime.”

North Korea’s media listed no such reports, but that part of the country’s media is highly controlled, and the South Korean’s president’s office had no comment on the event. Same goes for the latter’s intelligence authorities.

It was also reported that the 45-year old’s body was having an autopsy conducted, according to the BBC and sources close to the Prime Minister’s office. A Malaysian outlet reported that he simply died at the airport and details do not go beyond that.

The thing is though, both North and South Korea’s sources have had a reputation of not being entirely reliable. South Korea’s intelligence service is said to have a history of reporting wrongly and the north country leans towards sensationalism. Although multiple outlets are reporting this newsworthy event in their own fashion, some even lacking the details, if it turns out to be true this will end up being a noteworthy movement when it comes to North Korea’s leadership.

The story regarding the background of Kim Jong-Nam entails an estranged relationship with Kim Jong-Un. He was born son to leader Kim Jong Il and actress Song Hye Rim in 1971. His childhood was secretive, and the nature of Son’s relationship with the son was met with disapproval.

Kim Jong-Nam was declared “the natural heir to the family dynasty.” However, his younger half-brother and current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un was declared to rule the country in 2010 upon Jong Il’s death in 2011. Around 10 years prior to that, Jong-Nam had attempted to enter Japan with his wife and son under fake passports and told authorities that he desired to visit Tokyo Disneyland with his family.

Apparently, this action was met with disgrace, and he never lived in North Korea since that event.

A day before Kim Jong-Un’s 2010 entry into leadership, his older half brother had declared that since this is a third generation succession of leadership for North Korea, he had disapproved of this idea. However, he did come to accept it due to “internal factors behind the decision.”

Kim Jong-Nam did visit North Korea after his younger brother took over and also in 2011 where he attended his father’s funeral.

What do you think of his death? Do you think it was initiated by the North Korean government? Was his estrangement and the aforementioned disgrace is what attributed to his death in the Malaysian airport? Some sources didn’t provide details while others have been marked as sensationalized news.

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