Donald Trump Impeachment: ‘He Will Collapse Within A Year’ Predicts Psychologist

With each passing day, more and more Americans are finding a way that may help them in Donald Trump’s impeachment. There are many celebrities who has already signed several petitions showing their disdain for the 45th president of the United States of America. Apart from the celebrated personalities, there are a number of professional doctors who have predicted the four long years of Donald Trump as the president.

According to a daily column by Stu Bykofsky for, there are two possible ways that will short Donald Trump’s term as the president of the United States.

According to the aforementioned column, Mr. Trump’s administration appealed the judge’s temporary restraining order. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals turned down the ruling administration and for this, Trump tweeted, “see you in court.”

Demonstration against President Trump. [Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]

Another possibility of Donald Trump leaving the office is when he will realize that he cannot do everything he wishes for and Bykofsky says, “where’s the fun in running the entire circus if someone takes away your top hat and whip?”

In his research, the columnist talked with John K. Wilson, the author of President Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire. According to the famous author, “The statistics say that a 70-and-a-half-year-old man has about an 11 percent chance of dying in the next four years.”

If this was not enough, then Bart Rossi, the famous political psychologist predicted that Donald Trump will collapse within a year.

“His extreme narcissistic personality — which is now being challenged daily, will be crushed,” Rossi added.

“A narcissist doesn’t resign,” Rossi told the columnist. “He will keep on doing the same behavior, but to a greater extreme.”

Over the last two months, there are many people from around the globe who are not pleased with Donald Trump and intend to remove him from the office as early as possible. As reported earlier, there is an ongoing online petition, which was started by RootsAction and Free Speech for People and to this date, there is a total of 857,811 signatures asking for Trump’s removal.

Attorney Ron Fein, the legal director of the mentioned non-profit organization stated their motive behind starting the campaign.

“No modern president has displayed the casual indifference to the Constitution and the rule of law that President Trump shows. The violations, the corruption, and the threat to our republic are here now, but they will only get worse the longer he stays in office.

“Americans deserve a president who is not beholden to foreign governments to keep his businesses afloat, and whose decisions about bread-and-butter, not to mention life-and-death matters, will not be used to prop up Trump Towers around the world.”

Activists rally at Goldman Sachs to protest Dodd-Frank rollback. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) also talked about impeaching Donald Trump. During her recent interview, Waters stated that whoever wants to remove the president has to dig deeper to find the right motives.

“I do believe that there is a connection between the Ukraine and Donald Trump and of course Russia. I think that he colluded with Putin during the election and that hacking and everything that took place. I think that it’s there, we just have to dig deeper, do the investigation and find it.”

Whenever a new president-elect takes the oath of running the country, it is very common that he will bring certain changes. Surviving a population of more than 325 million is not an easy task and so far Donald Trump is doing all those things what he earlier promised during his presidential campaign. Do you think impeaching a sitting president is the only way out for those who are not accepting Donald Trump’s policies? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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