Barack Obama’s Official Photographer Humorously Trolls Donald Trump

Barack Obama’s official photographer Pete Souza showed off his humorous side after he recently shared photos in which he appeared to be trolling the new President Donald Trump.

Souza posted a series of tasteful snaps on Instagram that seem to be taking jabs at Obama’s successor, President Donald Trump, thus highlighting the massive difference between the two political figures. The photos appear to be directly focusing on some of the issues that the new presidential administration has been dealing with. Of course one of the most trolled issues is the new foreign policy that was the first order of business within the first few days of the new administration.

Trolling Trump’s policy against Muslims

One of the photos that Pete shared include one where Obama was seen laughing with a Muslim girl clad in a school uniform and a headscarf. The snap directly targets Trump’s alleged prejudice against the Muslim community.

Terrorist attacks that took place last year raised concerns and Trump used this to convince voters and he also made sure that he banned Muslims hailing from various countries. The photo in which Obama appears to be laughing with a Muslim girl depicts a stark contrast between him and Trump. The photo was taken back in 2015.

The case of the drapes

There have been rumors that Trump has also ordered a revamp of the White House. Of course, he had to change things up, but Souza could not resist making a pun about it. One of the photos of Obama that he took features the former president seated on a desk in The Oval office. The caption that the photographer added to the photo trolled the recent change of style in the White House. He posted the photo on his Instagram page a few days after Trump became the president.

“I like these drapes better than the new ones. Don’t you think?” Souza captioned the snap.

Obama's official photograher Pete Souza is insta trolling Donald Trump
[Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Pete has also been making sure that the photos coincide with the controversial policies enforced by Trump, and he also makes sure that they have an aspect of humor in them. The president has been determined to deal with the immigrant situation and has particularly targeted Mexican immigrants. He has even threatened to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. The photographer retaliated by posting a photo of Obama meeting up with the president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto. The snap featured the two leaders having a glass of tequila.

“This one is for Grover. President Obama sampling some tequila with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico in 2013. @heygrover,” the photographer captioned the snap.

Another instance was the photo that Souza posted after Trump’s phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The phone call did not exactly go well and it ended up becoming the subject of conversation. The photographer responded by posting a snap he took in September last year while Obama and the Australian Prime Minister were having an interesting conversation that was probably very funny since they were both laughing.

Obama's official photograher Pete Souza is insta trolling Donald Trump
[Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

There are numerous other photos that Souza has posted on Instagram that seem to be making political statements trolling the new president. His snaps especially show a positive side of the former president in contrast to some of the policies Trumps aims to institute that are considered outrageous.

The photographer has almost a million followers on the social platform. However, Souza has arguably become more popular due to the fact that he has been using photos of Obama to troll President Trump.

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