Melania Trump Handles Barron Probes And First Lady Of Absentia Digs With Class

Melania Trump is very aware of the derogatory title of “First Lady of Absentia,” which has made its way around the social media sites. She is also aware of the continuous probing into Barron Trump’s life, as headlines continue to make assumptions about her 10-year-old son. According to a new report, not only does Melania Trump have thick skin, but she’s very comfortable in that skin today.

The Celebrity Insider reports that because Melania is so comfortable with who she is, you won’t see her lashing out at negative remarks thrown at her via headlines and social media sites. The new First Lady is the epitome of class and grace, conveys Kellyanne Conway in a recent interview.

Speaking to the mindset of some people across the nation who see Melania as an absentee first lady, Conway said, “[Melania] has plenty of a public role. The woman is beautiful inside and out.” Conway herself is finding out how cruel people can be after she was portrayed on Saturday Night Live this weekend by a character made to look somewhat like a deranged woman.

It is Conway who said that Melania is “comfortable enough in her own skin that she doesn’t have to disprove anybody’s negative or even positive stories.” Not willing to dedicate a moment to the disparaging remarks being said about herself or Barron, Melania has honed in on snubbing the negativity.

One might agree that Melania has the right idea remaining mum in comparison to lashing out. Some of the events that have come out of the modern-day history of politics might very well back this up. There was once a time where sparring with the media was trendy. During that time there was no one more fierce in her “mama grizzly” mode than Sarah Palin.

Palin made that “mama grizzly” term quite popular a few years back. She got her gander up when it came time to protect her kids from the media. One story in the Washington Post back in 2010 conveyed how Sarah Palin was in “full mama grizzly mode” protecting her kids at a house party, but she often got into this mode when it came to protecting her kids from the stories that were spun in the media.

No one messed with Sarah Palin’s family as far as the vice president candidate was concerned. She had the personality that wouldn’t let many disparaging remarks go by without biting back. She knew how to retaliate, but despite fighting back the remarks never stopped.

Melania has opted to take a different avenue when it comes to the comments and stories spun in the social media and headlines. She is silently snubbing those who toss out any negative comments about her family members. Unless, of course, they cross that line, then Melania lets her lawyers do the talking.

When people get to the point of reporting harmful fake news, Melania takes the legal avenue, which was seen when she sued the media sources that started the autistic rumors about Barron. She also sued the media source that reported a false story about Melania once working for an escort service.

While Melania not biting back at the negative remarks might not set well with some people, there is another good reason for her to stay with the mum treatment. That would be the future. What she does today will remain online forever.

The bottom line is Barron won’t have any surprises about his mom when he gets older and surfs the online world. He’ll see that she remained the picture of grace despite the disparaging remarks launched against both her and the family.

Melania has a similar presence in the media as Princess Diana did when she was first thrust into the headlines as Prince Charles’ wife. Many people have mentioned this across the social media sites like the tweet below suggests. While the majority of the world fell in love with Diana, it did take some time for them to get to that point. Diana was quiet and didn’t seek out the limelight at all, very much like Melania today.

The tide will change for Melania, especially now that she’s made it very well known she is not going to take up sparring with those in the media. Her elegance will prevail, and she will eventually be seen in the same category as women known for being the epitome of class, much like Princess Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who is another woman she is often compared to.

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