Will Queen’s ‘Blood Princesses’ Eugenie, Beatrice Finally Get Royal Privileges?

During what should be considered the happiest time in her life, Princess Eugenie has found herself in the difficult position of being unable to move into her new home, Ivy Cottage due to a “damp problem.” Worst yet, there is another royal battle in the Queen’s family as to who will pay for this very expensive repair. Along with Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie‘s continued diminished role in the royal family, could they finally see things turning around and the “blood princesses” finally see a change to their royal status with the simple resolution of this repair?

Princess Eugenie has done everything properly. She met her wonderful beau, Jack Brooksbank, when on holiday at the Swiss ski resort Verbier, six years ago. Last September, she formally introduced him to her grandmother, who just happens to be the Queen of England, thus, igniting speculation that the couple is engaged. Despite her delightful Pinterest board that includes a photo of the gardens of the V&A, built by her great-great-great-great grandfather, Prince Albert, with a hint how this would be a good wedding venue, nothing has progressed with the couple. It appears that poor Eugenie and her beloved Jack cannot move into the three-bedroom Ivy Cottage, because of a damp problem in the basement that makes the property unlivable.

Eugenie’s family just do not want to pay for this expense because the family does not own the property, despite Ivy Cottage being a gift from the Queen to Prince Andrew, on his marriage to Sarah Ferguson in 1986. Express states that Andrew’s family refuses to pay the cost of the repairs.

“Eugenie’s family don’t want to pay for the repairs because they don’t own the building but the powers-that-be are refusing to come up with the cash as well.

Eugenie and Jack had planned on moving into the property before the Christmas holidays, but this standoff has prevented the necessary repairs from being made.

“At the moment it’s a stand-off and the whole thing is in limbo.”

Apparently, the reason that the owners of the building will not fix the damp problem is that to be cost effective, they need to fix several properties at the same time.

“The problem is that normally repair work would be done to several properties at once to keep costs down but there are no plans for neighbouring buildings at the moment.

There has recently been a lot of heated discussions between Prince Andrew and his older brother Prince Charles. As Inquisitr previously reported, Andrew penned a very sharply worded missive to his mother, the Queen requesting that his daughters once again receive royal privileges. While Prince Charles, heir to the throne, wants a streamlined version of the royal family that includes himself and his wife, Camilla, as well as sons Prince William and Prince Harry and of course, William’s wife, the very popular and style-conscious Kate Middleton. Mom, the Queen has stepped in and has reportedly asked that Andrew’s daughters once again be added to the fold. Although there is no indication as to what was at the root of this heated debate, it could very possibly be started the damp issue with Ivy Cottage. Could it then have been escalated to the lack of royal privileges given to the two “blood princesses,” the term that Andrew used in the missive to his mother, which could be seen as an unflattering dig towards Kate Middleton, who is in the center of the royal fold, but a commoner.

“It’s true to say there have been some heated discussions with certain individuals digging their heels in, but so far there has been little give and take. Something will have to give soon if Eugenie and Jack are to move in quickly.”

Like any 26-year old in love, Eugenie wants to make a perfect home for her and Jack. The cottage sounds adorable, and it is right next to Prince Harry’s cottage. In addition, Eugenie has become fast friends with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s love. This close proximity could mean a lot of fun for the two neighboring couples.

“It’s a cosy cottage and an ideal first home.

Until recently, the resident of Ivy Cottage was the recently retired deputy head of the palace’s property section. This may be a surprise to many: Kensington Palace is not just for royals. Once dumped “the Aunt Heap” by the Duke of Windsor, Kensington Palace had seen better days, yet with Prince Harry, and Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George all in residence, this is once again a happy place for many members of the royal family, as well as employees of the royal family.

“It was once lived in by the family of a soldier injured in the First World War and has also been used by staff.

Even when it is decided who will pay, it will still take quite some time to fix the cottage and make it livable. At this point, the only damage mentioned is that there is a “damp” problem. Often coupled with a damp problem is a mold problem. Could there also be dangerous mold as well? No matter what, this will all take some time to resolve.

“It needs some work and so it’s going to take some weeks to do up.”

Eugenie just wants to move forward in her personal life. She has been quite actively involved in her charities, yet, this should be the happiest time in her life, making plans with the man she loves and setting up a home together. She is unable to do any of this until the cottage is repaired.

“Eugenie is obviously a bit upset as she was hoping to be making wedding plans by now.

Princess Eugenie’s patience is certainly being tested here and there is no doubt that everyone sympathizes with her in this situation.

“She was really looking forward to moving in and creating a warm and welcoming home, but it seems she will just have to be patient until this is resolved.”

What is interesting for anyone following this story is the wording under a Daily Mail photo of Eugenie and her partner, Jack Brooksbank included the words “could be in line for an aristocratic title.”

“Eugenie leaves Loulou’s members club in Mayfair last night with long-term beau Jack Brooksbank, who could be in line for an aristocratic title.”

Could it be possible that the Daily Mail has some information indicating that a change is soon to come? Will the “blood princesses” soon return to the royal fold? Or could this just be some unfortunate wording?

Despite Prince Andrew taking to Twitter two months ago to announce that “it is a complete fabrication to suggest I have asked for any future husband of the princesses to have titles,” the rumors persist. Could the husbands, and eventually the children of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have royal titles? Could this battle of Ivy Cottage ultimately be about keeping the princesses in the royal loop and giving their future family members royal titles? Right now, the “blood princesses” cousin’s on their father’s sister’s side do not have royal titles and are considered commoners. Could winning this battle mean that the girls remain royal?

Do you think Princess Eugenie’s family should pay for the damp problem at Ivy Cottage? Do you think that she and Princess Beatrice should get royal privileges and their future husband’s, royal titles?

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