Pepsi Introduces Fat Blocking Soda

One of the biggest trends in the soda world over the last few years has been to make beverages with fewer and fewer calories. First there were diet sodas, and then sodas with zero categories. Now, Pepsi is trying to kick it up one more notch with a fat blocking soda.

Today Health reports that PepsiCo has rolled out Pepsi Special in Japan. The new Pepsi Special contains dextrin, an indigestible fiber used in some baked goods. Today adds that half of all Americans consume soda per day. The fiber is added to regular Pepsi, and it has the effect of helping the body absorb dietary fat. The idea the, is that drinking Pepsi Special will help the body absorb less fat, making it the first fat blocking soda.

While the connection isn’t based on the strongest of science, Japan doesn’t have the same tough requirements the US has when it comes to defending claims about a product. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration would have to evaluate such a claim, but it would be a moot point the FDA also prevents soda and candy from being fortified with nutrients.

WTVR reports this isn’t the first time PepsiCo has gone out on a limb for its Japanese products. They have also experimented with strawberry and milk, salty watermelon, and yogurt flavored Pepsi. Pepsi Special goes on sale Tuesday in Japan.

The calorie conscious fans of the US however will need to stick with Pepsi Max, the beverage company’s zero calorie drink.

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