KKK ‘Imperial Wizard’ Frank Ancona Found Dead From Gunshot Wound, Wife Arrested

Frank Ancona self-identified as a KKK “Imperial Wizard.” Specifically, he was known locally in Missouri as the Imperial Wizard of the Traditional American Knights, and local police were alerted to his disappearance on Friday, February 10. That’s when authorities were made aware of the disappearance of Frank Ancona via a Facebook post, and one day after the KKK leader’s abandoned vehicle was found in the Mark Twain National Forest.

According to Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen, the vehicle was discovered by an employee of the Federal Forestry Service parked on a remote service road.

As KMOV 4 reports, authorities didn’t report the discovery of KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona’s car as a suspicious discovery when it was found on Thursday. The reason? They had no idea that 51-year-old Ancona was a missing person, his disappearance hadn’t been reported yet.


(There have been some diverging reports on this subject. It has been widely reported that local authorities hadn’t learned of Frank Ancona’s disappearance until Friday and that the KKK Imperial Wizard’s vehicle was discovered before that knowledge. Jacobson claims that he was made aware of the disappearance of Frank Ancona on Thursday and that the car was discovered later.)

“Deputies responded on Friday and located the vehicle and secured it. We left deputies at the scene and secured it overnight due to the loss of light.”

As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, KKK leader Frank Ancona was last seen alive last Wednesday, one day before his abandoned vehicle was discovered. According to Leadwood Police Chief William Dickey, the last person to see Ancona was his wife, Malissa. He says that the couple engaged with one another early in the day.

On Saturday afternoon, a family going fishing in the area made a horrific discovery. The remains of KKK leader Frank Ancona were found close to the Big River; he was reportedly killed by a gunshot wound to the head. Authorities in Washington County, Missouri, Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona was found on an access road of Highway C.

The body of Frank Ancona was discovered as authorities were searching for the KKK Imperial Wizard nearby. Searchers from the local fire and police departments had found what they believed to be the remains of a burn pile near close to the abandoned car of the missing man. At roughly the same time on Saturday, police were busy executing search warrants in the case.

News of the disappearance of Frank Ancona had begun to circulate by that time, and many on social media were less than concerned in their responses to the reports.

At nearly the same time as their search warrants were being executed, Ancona’s body was discovered roughly 70 miles from St. Louis. At the time of the find, the focus of the case went from locating a missing person to investigating a homicide, which is how the death of the KKK Imperial Wizard is being treated by authorities.

One man connected with Frank Ancona, reportedly the stepson of the KKK leader, was arrested on an unrelated drug warrant. It has been reported that the Imperial Wizard’s wife, Malissa, the last person to see 51-year-old Ancona alive, is being questioned in connection with her husband’s suspicious disappearance and death.

Washington County Sheriff Jacobsen confirms that the investigation into the death of KKK Imperial Wizard Ancona is ongoing and that no arrests have yet been made in direct connection to the homicide. However, that could change on a dime.

“Right now no one has been charged in his death, but that may change tomorrow.”

On the official website for the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Ancona shown wearing a hood and standing in front of a burning cross. The page also includes a mission statement for the KKK group, apparently written by Frank Ancona.

“Our mission is to preserve our White culture and heritage but also be relevant to the happenings going on in our Republic today. We must defeat these communist socialist anti-God anti-white anti american enemies within our own borders. It is essential that we wake as many of our fellow White citizens up as quickly as possible and recruit them to our cause.”

In a shocking twist in the investigation into the suspected homicide of KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona, local media is now reporting that his wife is being held in connection with Frank Anconca’s death. In an early Monday update to the story, KMOV 4 reported that Malissa Ancona was taken into custody on Sunday night on a 24-hour-hold for suspicion of her husband’s murder, but that she yet to be officially charged in the case.

KMOV 4 is further reporting that, before her arrest, Malissa Ancona spoke of threats against her husband.

“Well, he’s with a certain organization. There’s been a lot of things along the lines of threats, but I don’t know.”

She also claimed to be fully cooperating with investigators.

“I am cooperating. I let them come into the house without a search warrant, I let them take whatever they wanted.”

Family members are accusing Malissa Ancona of carrying out her husband’s murder, along with the help of her son.

According to the wife and accused murderer of KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona, she didn’t report her husband missing for more than 24 hours because she thought that he was simply “taking a break.”

[Featured Image by Frank Ancona/Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan]

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