Hillary Clinton ‘Begged’: Tom Arnold Reboots His 15 Minutes Of Fame With Claim?

Did Hillary Clinton really stoop so low as to ask comedian Tom Arnold for help during the election, as he recently claimed? Once realizing there was a very good chance that Donald Trump would walk away from the election a winner, did Hillary resort to begging Arnold for his help? Could this manipulative move, which Tom Arnold has revealed, really come just days before the election from Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State?

Last year, Tom Arnold bragged that he was in possession of some tapes that contained Donald Trump spouting degrading comments such as the “N-word.” While it got him in the headlines at the time, his 15 minutes of reboot fame died down quickly. But now he has another claim to make about these tapes and he’s thrown in another famous name, Hillary Clinton.


During a recent appearance on Australia television, Arnold claims Hillary Clinton called him up just two days before the election and told him he had the weight of the free world on his shoulders by sitting on those tapes. Arnold claims that’s when Hillary herself begged him to release the tapes to the public.

Arnold has bragged for the last year or so that he has these tapes, which he claims are outtakes from the Celebrity Apprentice show. Despite all the bragging, he has never released them. His reasoning behind keeping them to himself is that they wouldn’t have changed a thing about the election. Hillary wouldn’t be the president even if he had released the tapes, so he claims.


Arnold’s excuse continued on with the example that the public has already heard Trump on tape “talking about sexually assaulting women” and since that didn’t make a difference, he feels his tapes wouldn’t either. He also claims he told Hillary, “I’d love to be a hero, but I can’t hurt these families,” reports The Independent. Wow, that was a gallant move on Arnold’s part, wouldn’t you say? Apparently talking about these tapes in such great detail isn’t hurting “these families?”

While he wasn’t into hurting families, he doesn’t appear to have any qualms about claiming Hillary begged him to derail the election with these tapes. Apparently he doesn’t realize Hillary has a family that might be hurt by his reveal. It could also be that he is just selective about the families he won’t hurt, with Hillary and her clan not falling into that category.

There is no love lost between Arnold and Trump, in fact Arnold told the TV show’s host that he was hoping once he caught up on the news in the U.S. that he hoped Trump would no longer be president. He also described Trump by saying, “He is sexist, he’s racist but I consider him a kind of joke. ”

He didn’t tread lightly with those words. He said that the tapes that he is sitting on has Trump saying, “every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever.” If that wasn’t enough Trump bashing, he also threw in that he too has billionaire friends, and his friends consider Trump a phony, reports the Telegraph.

So how does this sound altogether? Arnold accuses Hillary Clinton of begging him to take down Trump by putting the “weight of the free world on his shoulders” as enticement. He has these tapes of Trump saying horrible things, that no one else has seemingly heard or seen. Arnold also claims he is backed up by his unnamed “billionaire friends” who think Trump is a phony.

To top it all off, he didn’t release the tapes because it would basically be a waste of time and effort as people have already heard Trump in another tape and that didn’t do a thing to stop Trump from being elected. Then he adds in how he told Hillary that as much as he’d love to come out looking like the hero, he wouldn’t hurt these families by releasing the tape.

So did Hillary Clinton really beg Tom Arnold to release the tapes just days before the election? That’s up to you to decide.

This claim hasn’t been addressed by Hillary Clinton, or her camp, and most likely it won’t be. Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted a thing about it either, so maybe Hillary and Trump found some common ground here. Neither one of them appear to think that Tom Arnold running off at the mouth is worth their time and effort to even validate that they’ve gotten wind of his claims.

The headlines will be gone by tomorrow and it will go back to Tom Arnold’s name getting tucked away along with all those folks who couldn’t make it past that 15-minutes-of-fame level.

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