Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid Breaking All Records

Tommy Hilfiger’s latest collection with Gigi Hadid almost sold out before its runway show, according to Vogue Australia. The power of the duo is so huge people didn’t even need to see the clothes before buying them!

Even though the Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger collection was set to showcase its items at an L.A. runway on Wednesday night, many of the items actually sold out hours before the runway show kicked off.

Just hours before the L.A. runway show, many items of the Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger collaboration were listed as “sold out” on the pre-order website. The duo should attribute their success to a well-planned marketing strategy, which turned their second collaboration into one of the most talked about topics among fashion enthusiasts.

It also helped that the first Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger collaboration was a huge hit. And probably that release of the Gigi Hadid Barbie doll, dressed in a Hilfiger-inspired outfit, has helped drive sales of the spring/summer 17 collection up.

Tommy Hilfiger, who on Wednesday unveiled his own Spring 2017 collection as well as the highly-anticipated collaboration with Hadid, is literally breaking all records, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Tommy Hilfiger, who rose to fashion fame thanks to high-quality clothing in the 90s, may have had a disappointing decade, but the 65-year-old designer is officially back, and he’s ready to reach new heights. In fact, he has already reached a few.

Even though Tommy Hilfiger, who had $1 billion in sales in the late 90s, had experienced a decade of falling sales, he’s not fading away from the fashion industry. The designer is clawing his way back into the industry with 90s-inspired items in 2017.

Tommy Hilfiger has one particular person to thank for his renewed fashion success. And that person is Gigi Hadid, who boasts nearly 29 million followers on Instagram alone and can sell pretty much anything to any woman around the world. That, of course, if she showcases those items on her stunning body.

Tommy Hilfiger let Hadid do all the talking for his brand when he last year announced his second collaboration with the 21-year-old model, who is enjoying the peak of her popularity.

Tommy Hilfiger focused his full attention on the collaboration with Hadid in September, when he made the nautical-inspired collection available for purchase on his website and at 300 brand stores and 150 wholesale partners.

Tommy Hilfiger himself admitted on his website that sales for the collection priced from $50 “broke all records,” while traffic to the website increased 300 per cent. Even though Hilfiger has always gravitated towards pop music, it was his ties to the hip-hop scene that helped turn his brand into what it is today.

Snoop Dogg made headlines in 1994 when he wore a shirt with “Tommy Hilfiger” written on it during his guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. Rappers and hip-hop artists started wearing Tommy’s clothes and even sported Hilfiger’s items on the covers for their albums.

But then Tommy Hilfiger’s friendship with the hip-hop scene was overshadowed by rumors that the designer allegedly never wanted people of color to wear his clothes. While many understood that this was only a rumor because the designer featured black artists like Usher in his fashion campaigns, others turned away from the designer, labeling him a “racist.”

Although Tommy Hilfiger has never officially denied the rumor, he revived the “racism” controversy in 2014, when he confessed to Bloomberg News that aligning with the hip-hop scene in the 90s “fueled growth but took us away from our roots.”

But Tommy Hilfiger later clarified his comments, and said he doesn’t want his brand to “just be one thing.”

“It’s all about pop culture. It’s hip-hop, rock, Hollywood, the entertainment world. I wouldn’t want only to be known for [rock style], either.”

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]