ESPN Apologizes For Graphic Typo That Praised Roethlisberger’s ‘Drink And Drunk’ Style

If you were watching ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown you may have noticed a little typo on the left side of your screen. The network apologized today for a graphic typo that praised Ben Roethlisberger’s “Drink and Drunk” style instead of his “Dink and Dunk” style.

Dink and Dunk may sound like gibberish but Yahoo Sports reports that ESPN was referencing Big Ben’s quick-hit and short-passing style. Not, as the ESPN graphic typo suggested, his ability to shotgun beers.

ESPN host Chris Berman apologized for the mistake.

Berman said:

“Earlier in the show we had a graphic error in the rundown. We apologize for the mistake. Not sure how it happened. It won’t happen again.”

The typo could have been an auto-correct type of mistake but since Roethlisberger has been in trouble with the league in the past for drinking alcohol many people believe that it may have been a joke that went wrong.

ESPN, of course, is saying that the typo was just a mistake and that the network was not poking fun at the recently injured quarterback.

Here’s a photo of ESPN’s “drink and drunk graphic typo.

graphics typo

Do you think it was really a mistake or was someone playing a joke on Roethlisberger?