Disney Reveals New Poster For ‘Oz: The Great And Powerful’

Looks like Disney is gearing up for their film campaign for Oz: The Great And Powerful. Over the last few days, the company has released three individual poster panels of the cast, which includes James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz and the animated characters surrounding them in the land of Oz.

Today, the company decided to release the panels together for Oz’s first panoramic poster, which shows the wicked witch, who is presumably played by Kunis; Oscar “Oz” Diggs, played by James Franco; Glinda, played by Michelle Williams; and Rachel Weisz, who is said to play another evil witch, although it’s not known which one.

Until now, the appearance of the wicked witch has been under wraps, and for good reason. Disney went above and beyond in creating a villainous look for the wicked witch character, and the reveal is a pivotal moment for director Sam Raimi’s film.

If you’re hoping Oz: The Great And Power will be just like the 1939 original film starring Judy Garland, prepare yourself. This film takes place before Dorothy and Toto follow the yellow brick road. Instead, it centers on the journey Oscar “Oz” Diggs takes. Before he became the great and powerful Oz, he was a scheming magician. It is said that the witches take Oz under their wings and show him the land before he comes into power.

At CinemaCon back in March, lead James Franco spoke about the film, “I get to play all these sides of Americana, or the idea of American heroes. He’s part kind of cowboy, part weird magician, part con-man, part romantic man. I really got to play everything from classic American cinema.”

As for the film’s premise, and the expectations from fans of the original film, Franco said, “The other important thing is to have a fresh take without breaking the bubble of what people know and love. I think the really cool thing about this movie is that there’s a tendency to make huge movies to make the action bigger, make the explosions bigger, and make the violence more intense, but in this world you don’t have to do that. It’s strangely a movie for everyone, that’s still cool.”

The second trailer for Oz: The Great And Powerful is expecting to drop tomorrow.

Check out the first trailer below:

And here is the second trailer that just hit the web!