Body Of 15-Year-Old Boy Pulled From Lake Winnipesaukee After Snowmobile Accident

Police officials recovered the body of a 15-year-old boy who slipped into Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire early Sunday morning after snowmobiling with his father, according to the Daily Mail.

On Saturday, February 11, a teenager, Arthur Remy, and his 48-year-old father Arnaud Remy, of Mamaroneck, New York, were partaking in the Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby, where thousands of people attended, snowmobiling on Lake Winnipesaukee when tragedy struck.

It was reported that the father and son were riding in separate snowmobiles when they hit thin ice and fell into the lake.

Arnaud was recovered from the lake and rushed to a local hospital for hypothermia and later released.

Meanwhile, rescue crews tried desperately to search for the man’s son, Arthur, but the search was unsuccessful.

After hours of searching, the search was put on hold until the following morning. With the help of an underwater camera, the search team was able to locate the 15-year-old boy from the lake.

He was reportedly found submerged in 21 feet of water.

According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game official Jeff Ladieu, “they recovered (the boy) today using the camera. They found him in about 73 feet of water. So yes, it’s a sad day, a 15-year-old boy, and actually, it was a sad weekend, a tragic weekend.”

The teen reportedly drowned after falling into the lake in a snowmobile accident and his body was later recovered.

Col. Kevin Jordan, who is a 25-year Fish and Game veteran, stated that “none of us can remember another single day when we had this number of fatalities on Lake Winnipesaukee or any lake for that matter.”

“I’m fearful it’s going to happen again today.”

“It’s tragic,” Tim Bergquist said.

“But people need to follow the state’s guidelines and check the ice everywhere they go.”

“We specifically tell people to follow the state rules, to check the ice everywhere they go,” Bergquist said.

“We have it in our pamphlets; it’s in the state publications. We tell people every year. As many times as you try to tell people, they keep on doing it.”

“It was the perfect storm, frankly,” said Ladieu.

“We had the weather conditions, when you get snow like this, people are excited, they want to come out and use the snow machines, and I understand that and then you get a little bit of cold weather, we’re in the middle of winter, get a little bit of cold weather and some of the ice builds up and I think people felt that the ice was safer than what it actually turned out to be. And the snow covers that, which makes it more challenging to check it and test it.”

Two other deaths occurred on the same lake, on the same day. It was reported that three individuals plunged into the lake with their snowmobiles, around 300 yards from the shore.

One man was able to escape the horror, while the other riders were pronounced dead. One died at an area hospital, while the other drowned – his body was not recovered until later using a sonar.

“Lake Winnipesaukee can be extremely unpredictable as far as ice depths,” said Col Kevin Jordan of New Hampshire Fish and Game.

“We’ve always had this real concern that we’d have a day like today, and it’s just horrible.”

The N.H. Fish and Game reminded the public that after the recent deaths, involving snowmobiling, everyone needs to take precaution.

“Ice conditions are variable, constantly changing due to weather and water. Anyone participating in activities on the ice should inspect the ice to insure it is safe for the activity they are performing. Personnel preventive equipment such as flotation coats and devices, ice picks and throw ropes should always be readily available while on the ice.”

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